What should we wear?

I recommend you wear clothing that feels good. You want to feel comfortable and at ease. The goal is to have your child free to be himself so his awesome personality shines. If your child normally wears a tuxedo, then by all means! If not, then think about comfortable clothes that fit well.

You can't go wrong with timeless pieces like neutral colors or subtle prints. Busy patterns or shirts with cartoon characters may distract from your smiling faces. We want the focus to be on the person, not the clothes. Layers like cardigans and scarves photograph well by adding texture and dimension to the final image. If at any time you have questions, I am happy to speak with you before your session. If you're stuck in a Macy's dressing room and need an opinion, I'm just a phone call away!

where will we meet?

Places like the Columbus metro parks, High Banks in Lewis Center, Inniswood in Westerville, OWU (Ohio Wesleyan University) in Delaware, and other open air environments provide a gorgeous backdrop. Contact me with your ideas!

will i be on a blog post?

Maybe! Not every session makes it onto the blog because I'd much rather devote my energy to connecting with clients and creating lovely pictures. I do feature certain sessions that take place in a favorite location or hold special meaning in my heart or just make me laugh.

My favorite blog post of a family session included an Epic Baby Announcement. (Spoiler - mama was announcing twins!)

My favorite blog post of a dog session is Kestel, the dachshund who wouldn't budge.

Do I have to be in the picture?

We can photograph just your children or pets, but I always encourage parents to hop in for a few frames. There is nothing so special as that bond between family members.

Your children won't notice any wrinkles or imperfections - they'll see how you held them closely and the way you beamed at their laughter. Photos of a tender moment between a parent and child are priceless.

what about props?

Props are a fun and creative way to add to your photo session. If there is a certain prop of mine that you'd like to use in our session, just let me know beforehand! I am happy to incorporate special props or mementos that you own, too.


How soon do we get our pictures?

After your session, Browning Photo meticulously edits your images, which includes about a dozen or so hours of retouching, softening, and color correcting 'the keepers.' This means you will not see every image taken - just by the nature of working with children, there will be blinks or drooling or other issues. (But rest assured, I love a good blooper and will include any funny outtakes!)

Within three weeks, we will sit down for an ordering session. This is when you will see your images and will select which images you would like to order as part of a print or digital package. Approximately three weeks after your ordering session you will receive your prints in the mail and your digital images in your email.

Browning Photo is full service - taking photographs is only a small (but pretty important!) part of documenting your family. I pride myself on being there for you every step of the way. This includes answering all your questions and guiding you through the selection process at your ordering session.

I was once a photography client like you, and there is SO much I didn't know then that I wish my family's photographers had told us! By meeting in person for your ordering session, you get to see your edited photographs just as they will look when they're delivered to your door.

How many pictures will I see?

Because we're working with kids or dogs I cannot guarantee a certain number of images you'll see at your ordering session. In a one-hour session we may have 10-15 images; in a two-hour session we may wind up with 20-30.

Browning Photo delivers quality over quantity, which is what you want for cherished photographs you'll display in your home.

What else should i know?

Browning Photo's pricing structure gives you the most flexibility and options. With a small sitting fee that does not include images, you are then free to decide which package makes the most sense for your needs. No one knows your family better than you.

Professional photography is not something you do every day, so when you do it, you want to do it right. I am here to answer all your questions and make sure you get photographs your children's children will be grateful to have.

i'm ready to book a session!

Great! Just click the box above or send me an email at LB@browningphoto.com to check my availability.  I am happy to hear from you!