Red golden retriever

Harley is a big beautiful redhead. The runt of the litter, she's now a gorgeous healthy dog.

dog photography columbus ohio

Harley was a born model.


I love this photo in particular. Something about it reminds me of the Bush's baked beans commercials. Remember when the premise was that the baked beans company has this secret family recipe and the only one who's heard it is Duke, their dog, and the dog looks at the camera and says "Roll that beautiful bean footage." This scene with the beautiful tree draping down in the late afternoon light over the lake and Harley's slightly mischievous expression reminds me of that!

(After typing all that I looked up the Bush's baked beans commercial and the real Duke was camera-shy, so a professional dog model stepped in! Both were golden retrievers and the Duke in the commercials was a red golden retriever, so that's why Harley reminds me so much of that dog! Mystery solved.)


Harley carries her own leash. She loves having a stick in her mouth or toting her own lead on walks.


One last portrait of Harley. I love this dog. She's so sweet and her red hair really stood out against the green leaves of summer.

But that's not all! Stay tuned to see Part II of her beautiful photo shoot.

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Four rescue dogs

These four dogs had very rough starts to their lives. Their sweet souls endured circumstances no animal should ever face, but they've found a loving happy home with the nicest, most caring couple ever.

dog photography columbus ohio

We did their photo shoot in their own backyard. After the sun set, we moved inside and I set up a little studio in their living room. Meet Hiney, Tiny, Skamp, and Baby.


Their family has a huge yard with so much space for them to romp and play. Their pet parents wanted a shot of Skamp and Baby running across their property.


Baby is really apprehensive so she kept her distance from me. The fact that I got a quick pat in by the end of our time together meant she must have started to trust me. When we first met for our planning session, Baby was very skeptical of me but when she saw how nice I was to Skamp she started warming up to me. By the time our photo shoot rolled around she was back to being a bit leery of me and my camera, but she came around. I was particularly excited that she let me get this portrait and the group portrait on the black background.

blog ed thomas 234.jpg

One more of Skamp running straight for me. He has a permanent smile on his face, and with this beautiful yard and a three furry siblings to play with and doting parents and a warm bed at night, it's no wonder he's a happy boy now.

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Yorkie in Autumn

Mira is a tiny senior Yorkshire terrier who loves to lick and be snuggly. Mira's mom decided to have autumn portraits taken in their favorite spot. They hike here often and it's a hidden gem for sure.

dog photography columbus ohio

Mira did a great job! She walked all over and listened when we called to her. She stayed nicely and perked up when we needed her to.


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Backyard running action shots

Colby was scratching at the back door and on my way to let her out I spotted my camera bag. I grabbed it and some treats since it was a beautiful evening for some quick action shots.

dog photography columbus ohio

Normally Colby's ears hang straight down and she tends to look a little sad. I love when her ears catch the wind.


Here those ears are straight up!


And I just have to include this because she looks like she did as a little puppy despite being four years old. Hopefully she'll stay forever young!

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Ohio autumn dog portraits

There are so many words to describe Brixy. Just look at this first picture - one glance at her face will tell you everything you need to know about this character. That expression on her face is priceless!

dog photography columbus ohio

Brixy is a seven-month-old sweet, silly, curious, bouncy, animated, fun goldendoodle. If you can believe it, she's only about 30 pounds. She's all hair!


Her family made sure her bouffant was perfectly coiffed for her autumn portrait session with me.


In our planning session, we sat down and talked about wardrobe and clothing options. These two followed my advice to a tee. Long sleeves, layers, colors that complement each other, neutral tones. They did their homework and came prepared! I think this is one of the only photos where Brixy didn't have her tongue hanging out of her mouth. This is one happy-go-lucky puppy!


Oh there's that tongue again! She can't help but make people smile. Some people in the park were stopping to watch Brixy and asking to pet her. Brixy went to doggie daycare the day before our session and was worn out. I can't imagine her boundless energy without that daycare session in advance. She was a blast to photograph!

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Franklin County Deputy Woody K. Nine

I wrote previously about the newest recruit to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, Woody K. Nine. Woody's handler, Lt. D'Ericco, is clearly proud of his new partner. Could Woody be any cuter?

dog portraits columbus ohio

Woody starts training soon and will work hard for the next year to learn to be a therapy dog. Because he is a doodle puppy (an Australian goldendoodle) he doesn't shed, which is helpful so even people will allergies can be around him.


Woody was a perfect gentleman and so happy to get his portraits made. The Ohio barn looks so all-American for this little guy. In this shot it's impossible to tell that his handler was standing right next to him holding his leash.


One other shot of these two, in a classic black and white.


This was an outtake - look at this little guy taking a BIG BIG yawn. So sleepy! Nothing's better than a warm sleepy puppy.

Thanks for reading and I wish these partners all the best in their years of service ahead of this. Woody will be out in the community doing good work and we thank him and can't wait to see him helping our friends and neighbors!

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Belgian shepherd at Sunrise

Oh what a beautiful morning! Meet Master, an amazing all-black boy.

dog photography columbus ohio

Look at this gorgeous creature! Master is two years old and was born in Italy. His family has had many Belgian shepherds over the years. It's their favorite breed, and I see why they enjoy Master so much. He's super high energy but quick to listen to commands. His owner said they're just neat dogs -- agreed!


Master looks right at home amongst this field of wildflowers. His owner said this was the best test of his obedience lessons since we had him holding long sits and stays. A couple times I had a toy or treat out and he couldn't contain himself and charged! I was looking in my camera those times and suddenly I see this big black blur hurl right into me. It's like the sideview windows on cars say - Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear!

Master's owner (his master?) and I were talking about black dogs and she was glad to have photos of him that show him off, since black dogs can sometimes be a challenge in photography. I always use professional portable lighting, even outdoors and even in full sunshine, to make sure black dogs get the best portrait possible!

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