Molly the Yorkie puppy

When I was growing up I wanted a Yorkshire terrier. Badly. I loved their tiny rascally bodies and long silky hair and cute faces. Plus they were pretty close to the Cairn terrier from The Wizard of Oz so that was all my eight-year-old self wanted in life!

columbus dog photography

As an adult I have a poodle but darned if I wasn't so excited to meet this new Yorkshire terrier puppy. Molly is seven months old and is does not have the traditional Yorkie markings. She has white, brown, gray, and black in her body and face. In fact, her body is snow white except her tail, which is completely black. It's very unusual. In fact, her owner said the breeder has asked for Molly back because her markings are so rare and in demand. No way! She's at home now and doted upon. No returning this gal.

Molly joined 10-year-old senior dog Holly, who is also a Yorkie. Holly and Molly! Holly, despite her senior status, was on the MOVE. It was pretty nice weather outside and I was pretty quickly drenched after chasing Holly all over the yard. For an elderly dog and only three pounds with tiny legs she was FAST.

Molly, the puppy, weighs in at a whopping TWO pounds. She was pretty cooperative and stayed in one spot for me when I needed her to. I always have treats with me and I was breaking off my usual small bites to make them go further. After three treats she was finished. I realized that I'm not used to a teeny-tiny Yorkie belly! I tried little bitty broken pieces of treats and she just smelled them and turned away. Must be nice to have that self control around delicious food!


Here is Molly looking up at me. She is so fluffy! She is going to be spayed next week - good luck, Molly! Get well soon.

Family slideshow in Westerville

This family had SO many beautiful pictures. I liked how the posed portraits turned out, and I especially love the black and white documentary style photos that captured spontaneous moments.


I'm uploading the slideshow without the accompanying music since YouTube likes to err on the side of caution with licensed songs. Darn it! It's still pretty sweet even on's just so much better in person!

Inniswood family session

I've been so busy shooting new fun sessions that I'm getting behind on sharing some beautiful images. A few months ago I got to spend a perfect spring morning with this happy, bubbly little girl and her hilarious parents.


This family had never been to Inniswood Park, in Westerville, and I knew they'd love it. It's not far from Lewis Center and has a variety of landscapes for awesome pictures. The flowers were in full bloom in the park when we arrived. I had seen the tulips all over the park a few weeks before this shoot, but unfortunately we had just missed them. There were still plenty of gorgeous trees like this one with these HUGE purple blooms.

There is a rock garden, which did not sound appealing to me at all until I saw it in person. It's a must-do, picturesque backdrop for families. This little one absolutely loves water so she was enamored with all of the streams and brooks and fountains.


Sometimes the best way to keep a toddler at hand is to plunk him or her on a bench! She has so much energy and was running all over the place. I usually have a box or something sturdy with me to set a child upon if I want to photograph a sitting pose, but I knew Inniswood is filled with benches. This portrait shows how the morning sun backlit her sweet face beautifully.


Mommy better watch that bracelet! It looks very posh with that blue romper and would go with so many different outfits! It adds just the right amount of bling for a stylish toddler.

We moved on to the Sisters' Garden, which is dedicated to the two sisters who donated the land for Inniswood to the city of Westerville. Look who got to play with Mommy's bracelet!

There are so many sweet portraits that it's tough to choose some favorites.


There's some sort of water contraption in the Sisters' Garden. It's next to a life-sized house, and I'm not sure what it does but water flows down and kids absolutely love it!

Look at how happy these two are together. It was a beautiful day and a fun time. I'm sure they're going to go back because all the different sources of water was a big hit with this little one!


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Spring has sprung in Westerville

lewis center family photography

There are some absolutely gorgeous places locally that I love to visit with my photography clients. Inniswood Park in Westerville is a spectacular place to see in spring!

This picture is of a little girl offering a rose. It's one of many statues of children in the park.

One of my favorite parts of Inniswood is the Sisters' Garden. There are many other gardens all within the park, but the Sisters' Garden is such a sweet little area that kids love.

There is a life-sized house and gardens and TONS of flowers. And of course statues of children to welcome their littlest visitors!

Here's another wee visitor among the flowers. These tulips are everywhere!!

spring has sprung in westerville

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Jax, the rambunctious dog

Jax is one rambunctious dog. Oh, did I say dog? I meant PUPPY. This dog is pure energy. Long gangly legs, happy disposition, and an adorable curiosity for everything. What a funny little (ok, big) boy he is. Jax is a one-year-old black lab and was SO patient when clearly he wanted to run.

Jax's owners have a dog trainer working with him and I'm pretty sure I set back his progress a few lessons. I wasn't exactly discouraging him jumping on me and giving me doggie hugs and kisses.


Who's a good boy? Jax is a good boy!

I just can't take any more of his smooth fur and those big eyes just begging to play. I'll admit it - I asked to watch Jax if his owners go on vacation. They just met me for the first time today so they probably won't take me up on it, but I would do it!

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