Chrissy the bichon

Chrissy is a feisty little bichon. She has several personality quirks that I find hilarious. In the morning she walks on the winding garden paver stones around the yard so her paws don't get wet on the early morning dew. She looks like a little gymnast on the balance beam as she quickly walks along the pavers with her long tail bobbing behind her as she walks. She also barks very loudly when her mom pets another dog. She's a little jealous! Little diva doesn't like sharing the spotlight.


Her owners were hopeful for cooperation from Chrissy but a little disbelieving that I could take her picture. Pretty soon after I arrived I was down on the wet grass rolling around at Chrissy's level. She had her moments of running away, but that's OK! Chrissy's mom commented that I was very patient. I just think, hey, this is fun! I'm hanging out with a dog - what could be better??


This was an early morning sunrise shoot. I planned the time so we could get the sun at just the right angle in the sky behind Chrissy as she looked up, and it paid off!

A pose in the grass...


I love how her name tag is visible in this portrait.

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Good morning, Galena!

One of the best-kept secrets about Lewis Center - and Delaware County in general - is its lovely beachfront parks. I drove up to Galena, which is north of Lewis Center, for a sunrise shot. The downside was that it really felt like the countryside, so it was very very dark setting up my tripod and getting my camera settings just right. It was worth the 4am wakeup for beautiful pink skies like this!


This dock is so lovely and I always look at those houses on the left in the distance. I bet the view from their homes is amazing.

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