More dog at the lake

I wrote before about Tank here. Tank is an eight-year-old German Shepherd dog who LOVES tennis balls. It was a priority to get tennis balls in his portraits. Tank was a rescue dog whose original owner didn't want to administer the twice-daily eyedrops he needs for his eye condition, so he went into a rescue organization and wound up with his family. His parents say Tank is their heart, and I believe it. This dog is so smiley and goofy and sweet. And his eyes are just fine now, except for needing eyedrops. Luckily he has devoted people to share his good heart with.

german shepherd ohio

Here Tank decided to take a little break and lie down. He peeked over at me to inspect what I was doing and I caught this expression.

german shepherd columbus ohio

A fully body shot with the beautiful lake shimmering behind him.

dog columbus ohio

Tank never let his tennis ball get too far away. It's almost like a "Hidden pictures" puzzle to see where his tennis ball is in each shot!

dog lewis center ohio

Did someone say BALL? What a playful boy. Visit his family's very favorite picture of him HERE. I added that to my portfolio and I doubt it will ever come out, I love Tank and that portrait so much!

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Dog at the lake

For this week on the 52 week pet photography challenge, we're all doing backlit images, which means the main source of light is on the other side of the subject from the camera. What's the most powerful source of light possible? Yep, the sun!

pet photography columbus ohio

Tank is a handsome German Shepherd dog. His family booked me in November, patiently waiting for spring to get this type of portrait. The wait was worth it! We went out a few weeks ago to my super-secret lake location. They actually live only a couple miles from here and had no idea it exists. I've sworn them to secrecy so it stays a local hidden gem.

Tank had never been around water, so it was such a treat to see him react to the lake. He was pretty hesitant at first, then after a few minutes he started tentatively flicking at the water with his nose, and then he started bouncing and splashing! It was ADORABLE. What a special memory.

Tank's parents now have this image on a large piece of metal wall art to adore of Tank's perfect spring day forever. I love how he was so happy and how he looked right at me for that split second. My husband was my helper on this afternoon and had rolled the ball back into the shot, where it's lined up perfectly between Tank's legs. This has to be one of my favorite images I've ever taken. Thank you for being so handsome, Tanky!

dog portraits columbus ohio

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Stay tuned for more photographs from Tank's lakeside session. I have a lot to say about this amazing dog and the fun afternoon we shared. UPDATE: Click here to see more Tanky photos!

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