Red golden retriever

Harley is a big beautiful redhead. The runt of the litter, she's now a gorgeous healthy dog.

dog photography columbus ohio

Harley was a born model.


I love this photo in particular. Something about it reminds me of the Bush's baked beans commercials. Remember when the premise was that the baked beans company has this secret family recipe and the only one who's heard it is Duke, their dog, and the dog looks at the camera and says "Roll that beautiful bean footage." This scene with the beautiful tree draping down in the late afternoon light over the lake and Harley's slightly mischievous expression reminds me of that!

(After typing all that I looked up the Bush's baked beans commercial and the real Duke was camera-shy, so a professional dog model stepped in! Both were golden retrievers and the Duke in the commercials was a red golden retriever, so that's why Harley reminds me so much of that dog! Mystery solved.)


Harley carries her own leash. She loves having a stick in her mouth or toting her own lead on walks.


One last portrait of Harley. I love this dog. She's so sweet and her red hair really stood out against the green leaves of summer.

But that's not all! Stay tuned to see Part II of her beautiful photo shoot.

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Project 52: Week 42 Brick

This week's challenge is Brick, and Harley is the perfect dog to show off a rustic looking front porch.

dog photography columbus ohio

When we were at this park, her owner asked me, clearly worried, "Is this somebody's house?" It is a park office but sure does look like a regular home!

Project 52 week 42 Brick-1
Project 52 week 42 Brick-2

I'll blog more of the lovely portraits of this gorgeous redhead soon. Harley is too good not to show off to the world. Her mom loves the portraits and gave me a big hug after she opened her wall art and prints. Stay tuned!

Next in our blog circle is Linda of DogShotz serving Indianapolis and the surounding areas.

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