New puppy

Meet Sophia. She's a rat terrier-Boston terrier mix. She is nine weeks old and already housebroken. She's also just three pounds (although in person she looked about one pound - seriously she is tiny!) so I can't imagine how many potty trips her itty-bitty bladder needs to make in a single day.

sophia all grass 1000w.jpg

Sophia's family has had her for only two weeks but already it's easy to tell she's feeling right at home. We posed for some photographs in the front yard, and Sophia was having a grand old time.


She ran, and she ran, and she ran some more. Then she flopped on her back and wiggled on the grass for a second, then it was time for more running.

columbus dog photography-1

I liked this shot of Sophia taking a rare pause and looking over at me while we see the little girl's legs as she's about to catch Sophia and scoop her up.

We did get a sweet shot of Sophia with her proud big sister. What an adorable pair these two make!

columbus dog photography-2

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Molly the Yorkie puppy

When I was growing up I wanted a Yorkshire terrier. Badly. I loved their tiny rascally bodies and long silky hair and cute faces. Plus they were pretty close to the Cairn terrier from The Wizard of Oz so that was all my eight-year-old self wanted in life!

columbus dog photography

As an adult I have a poodle but darned if I wasn't so excited to meet this new Yorkshire terrier puppy. Molly is seven months old and is does not have the traditional Yorkie markings. She has white, brown, gray, and black in her body and face. In fact, her body is snow white except her tail, which is completely black. It's very unusual. In fact, her owner said the breeder has asked for Molly back because her markings are so rare and in demand. No way! She's at home now and doted upon. No returning this gal.

Molly joined 10-year-old senior dog Holly, who is also a Yorkie. Holly and Molly! Holly, despite her senior status, was on the MOVE. It was pretty nice weather outside and I was pretty quickly drenched after chasing Holly all over the yard. For an elderly dog and only three pounds with tiny legs she was FAST.

Molly, the puppy, weighs in at a whopping TWO pounds. She was pretty cooperative and stayed in one spot for me when I needed her to. I always have treats with me and I was breaking off my usual small bites to make them go further. After three treats she was finished. I realized that I'm not used to a teeny-tiny Yorkie belly! I tried little bitty broken pieces of treats and she just smelled them and turned away. Must be nice to have that self control around delicious food!


Here is Molly looking up at me. She is so fluffy! She is going to be spayed next week - good luck, Molly! Get well soon.

Cockapoo puppy

Tucker is a ball of energy. Oh my goodness, this dog's battery was fully charged and did not drain at all during our two hours together. He was celebrating his first birthday - what better way to commemorate the event than with a personalized photo shoot?

columbus dog photography

Look at that happy face! I see more poodle than cocker spaniel in him.


He's 100% adorable, that's for sure. Of course he dressed up for photos in his dress collar and necktie. LOVE IT!

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Holiday puppy portraits

I've been going all over Columbus visiting PetPeople stores and doing holiday portraits of pets. We are halfway through our holiday mini sessions and loving how many dogs, a few cats, and even two bunnies have visited us.

columbus dog photography

On to the pictures!

Petunia is such a head-turner. Lab puppies are so innocent and have the sweetest little faces. Those eyes just captivated me.

Petunia's dad brought her in and was getting photos for Petunia's mom. What a fun present! I recently did a photo session that was a birthday surprise for a wife that her husband arranged with me. I'd love that gift! We had so much fun, and how great to have sweet pictures of your dog to enjoy forever.

Petunia gave us a big head tilt. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get some cute expressions. I can't resist a big head tilt on dogs! This shot below also shows off her festive Christmas sweater.


Petunia did exactly what my dog does - when a sweater or jacket goes on, Colby stands completely still. She's wiggly and rambunctious all day long but the second the sweater goes on, she doesn't know how to move. Colby has a navy argyle sweater that she wears in the coldest months and it's plenty comfortable and fits, but boy she acts like she's wearing a straitjacket when it goes on. We saw a lot of Christmas sweaters but Petunia's reaction reminded me of my own pup the most.


Speaking of head tilts? I LOVE that this dog's name is Twist. I am unsure of the origin but based on that head tilt I wouldn't be surprised if his inclination to turn toward noises was the basis for his name.

Freddie here is a senior dog who's in foster care with a wonderful volunteer from Rescued Ohio. He has heart problems and sees a cardiologist regularly. He's still hoping for a forever home. With a smile like that and sweet disposition I hope he finds his permanent family soon.


Last photo for now. We took so many adorable portraits that it's so hard to choose which ones to share. I have to choose this awesome big grin on this Dutch shepherd dog. His name is Rogue and I've never seen such neat brindle markings on a shepherd.

Love the bowtie! He looks so pleased to be with us.

Just a few more dates remaining.

Fri Dec 9 - Lewis Center (5:30-8:30)      Sat Dec 10 - Dublin (11-2)       Sun Dec 11 - Westerville (11-2)

Hope to see you there!


Max the Rottweiler puppy

I spent the evening with a dog in need. Max is a 9-month-old Rottweiler and was just days away from being put down at the shelter when a rescue stepped in and got him into foster care. Max has a pocket of fluid on his spine and needs surgery. Other than a bit of an odd gait, you wouldn't know that Max has these health issues. He is a happy goofy boy who LOVES sticks and branches in his foster family's yard. Look at this funny face!


He runs and plays and sniffs and licks and brings over his ball like any other puppy. I am happy to share his lovely photographs. What a neat pup and I hope he heals quickly and gets into a forever home soon.


Max is such an obedient dog. Even though he doesn't know stay or lie down yet, he knows sit and he automatically listened very well. So even though he didn't know what we were saying, it seemed he picked up on the tenor of our voices to stay or play or whatever we told him.


He's such a happy soul. He does have a bit of a struggle walking regularly, but boy that doesn't stop his sweet little pup from running and chasing toys. Usually I find that dogs are very food-motivated, so treats are the best things ever to them. Max is stick-motivated! He just loved the small branches in the yard. Even when I would hold up his toy and tease him with it next to my camera lens, he would stay until I said he could have it. He may not know the words yet but he's well on his way to being fully obedience-trained.


These eyes. Those are truly puppy dog eyes. That's the face of a sweet boy who wants his forever home.


Max can't stop smiling!


I certainly enjoyed our evening of fun together, Max. I hope someone sees your handsome face and adds you to their family right away.

If anyone wants to help Max, please check out The Dog Loft. He is being fostered by the family that owns this grooming company in southwest Columbus. Their website is here.

My uncooperative puppy

Technically she's an adult dog, but boy she acts like a puppy the majority of the time.

Sometimes people tell me, "Oh I could never have my dog photographed, she's too stubborn." Let me tell you, none is more hard-headed than my little Colby. It just takes patience and bribery.


If I can get this photo out of her without any treats or peanut butter while the sweet scent of bunny rabbits beckons her to look any way but toward the camera, then there's hope for any dog.

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Czar the German Shepherd

I've photographed German Shepherds before, but none as totally focused and alert and ready to model as Czar. He is still a puppy too! Well technically he's an adult at one and a half years old, and his ears are up so he has reached adulthood, but other than his ears he still looks like a sweet pup to me.

I find it fascinating that German Shepherds' ears are floppy and the ends folded down until they are toward the end of their puppyhood or when they are finished teething. The way my poodle chews, I think she still may be teething at age three - but her ears are always floppy so there's no way of telling with poodles. I like the GSD for their unparalleled focus on getting the job done, whether that's searching for someone to rescue, finding contraband, or just plain modeling for a camera.

columbus dog photography

Here is Czar looking awesome at sunset. I pointed where I wanted him and he trotted over, got into place, and all I needed was one shot. Perfect! I never get that lucky. It was the German Shepherd in him. My husband saw this portrait and wanted to hear all about Czar and then proceeded to tell me how much he loves GSDs and wants one. I might want one after working with this good boy!

Agility dogs

A few months ago I photographed a dock diving demonstration hosted by the Golden Retriever Club of Columbus. That club had another meeting that featured more active dogs a few nights ago - that was a demonstration for agility that took place at Darby Creek Kennels in Grove City. Although it's the Golden Retriever Club, Alyssa and Mike with Darby Creek have Australian shepherds on the farm, so that breed was the star of the evening.

columbus dog photography

Handsome Rowdy jumps high! Rowdy had an injury to his Achilles tendon as a puppy and doesn't do conformation showings (which to lay people like me means Best in Show competitions). The injury affects his gait, so those dogs in conformation competitions must be perfect for the judging. That's the "down and back" trot we see on televised shows like Westminster. He looks perfect to me!


So many fun obstacles on this farm!


This is the weave. Alyssa and Mike showed us how they get dogs used to doing a weave by starting out with two bars very far apart and then gradually moving them together. Clicker training definitely helps. I'm sure the herding dog instinct in them makes them eager to work.


Little Oakley mid-run peeks out as he rounds the curve of the tunnel.


I found it fascinating that both Mike and Alyssa said that Shimmer takes agility very, very seriously. It's a job to her. Shimmer actually gets upset at Alyssa if she turns her shoulder a little early during the run, throwing Shimmer off her game.


Clearly she's having a good time weaving!


In addition to all those Australian shepherds, there's this handsome pup, Enzo, a border collie destined for agility someday!


I was promised that Rowdy was very photogenic, and how true it is! I love his heart-shaped marking on his forehead and those lovely brown eyes.

Now I just wish my own dog would be willing to do agility!