Standard poodles in garden

Sabine, a 12-year-old black standard poodle, and her little sister Winnie, a 6-year-old white standard poodle, met me for a sunrise photo shoot at a park near their home. I hadn't been to this park in several years and this section was completely new to me. Look how great they did!

dog photography columbus ohio

This will be a new favorite spot for me, in large part thanks to how much Sabine and Winnie made this a fun adventure. From the lavender to the big flower beds to the gazebos and tree-lined lanes, this was a gorgeous location that suited these gorgeous dogs.

Sabine is the more serious dog and Winnie is the clown. When we met for their consultation, Sabine sniffed me hello and then sat across the room and stared me down for a while. Winnie climbed up on the couch next to me, flopped back onto my lap and looked up at me with a big smile, eagerly awaiting belly rubs. She is a ham! Meanwhile Sabine is pure poodle elegance. They were both picture-perfect.

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This week in the 52 Week Pet Photography Challenge we're all featuring local landmarks. Meet Vinnie and Mina, two Doberman Pinschers. Vinnie is 12 and Mina is 6 years old.

bicentennial barn

Their mom loves Americana and red, white, and blue. When we met for her portrait consultation she was going through my portfolio and mentioned she likes the Ohio Bicentennial barn. I frequently include this in my photo shoots because it's like a local landmark. There are three of these special barns in central Ohio but two are on private land - in fact one is just a couple miles from my house but it has a four-lane highway running right in front of it! That wouldn't be safe for dogs. This Bicentennial barn is perfect. Maybe someday I'll travel the state and visit all of them. They were painted in 2003 to celebrate Ohio's 200th birthday. I hope they never get painted over!

You can see more landmarks from around the globe by clicking through our blog circle. Up next is Tracy Allard of Penny Whistle Photography fetching portraits in Coppell and surrounding communities in Dallas - Fort Worth. Keep clicking through all the blogs and you'll wind up back here. And stay tuned for more of Vinnie and Mina's photo shoot!

Deputy Mattis, Franklin County therapy dog

Last summer I photographed the new Franklin County Sheriff's Office therapy dog, Mattis K. Nine. He's now Deputy Mattis, having had his swearing in ceremony a couple month ago (it was adorable - he can put up one paw to swear he'll tell the truth and nothing but the truth). He also earned his official badge! It's fantastic that our community has this dog to help victims and witnesses to terrible tragedies. Deputy Mattis has made over 250 appearances in multiple states over his first year in office, giving comfort to innocent people on the very darkest day of their lives. Deputy Mattis truly is the best of the best dogs.

dog photography columbus ohio

Deputy Mattis and his handler, Deputy Metz, met me in Westerville. This was their first time at this park and Mattis clearly enjoyed himself. Look at the sun - it was 72 degrees and bright and beautiful. A perfect day for portraits!


Mattis needed a headshot because he's a local celebrity. So many people mention Mattis to me, even a year after I first photographed him as a puppy!


Mattis was having such a nice time and was so curious about where we were that he didn't want the delicious, refreshing bowl of water I set out. Too busy sniffing bushes and keeping us protected from squirrels.


He still has those puppy dog eyes! I knew I wanted an overhead shot of him to capture those soulful eyes and get a good look of his therapy dog vest.

Stay tuned for more Deputy Mattis K. Nine photos! Did you know that Mattis has a brother? He sure does, and Radar accompanied him on his photo shoot this time. I got some great shots of Mattis with Radar - check back tomorrow for more Mattis portraits!

More dog at the lake

I wrote before about Tank here. Tank is an eight-year-old German Shepherd dog who LOVES tennis balls. It was a priority to get tennis balls in his portraits. Tank was a rescue dog whose original owner didn't want to administer the twice-daily eyedrops he needs for his eye condition, so he went into a rescue organization and wound up with his family. His parents say Tank is their heart, and I believe it. This dog is so smiley and goofy and sweet. And his eyes are just fine now, except for needing eyedrops. Luckily he has devoted people to share his good heart with.

german shepherd ohio

Here Tank decided to take a little break and lie down. He peeked over at me to inspect what I was doing and I caught this expression.

german shepherd columbus ohio

A fully body shot with the beautiful lake shimmering behind him.

dog columbus ohio

Tank never let his tennis ball get too far away. It's almost like a "Hidden pictures" puzzle to see where his tennis ball is in each shot!

dog lewis center ohio

Did someone say BALL? What a playful boy. Visit his family's very favorite picture of him HERE. I added that to my portfolio and I doubt it will ever come out, I love Tank and that portrait so much!

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