Baby sheep birth announcements

These birth announcement cards are new additions to the Browning Photo product lineup and I think they're adorable! Printed as 5x7 cards, these are a sweet way to share baby's big arrival with friends and family.


Happy first birthday

I can't believe it's been a year already. Carter has completed his first trip around the sun. I remember how good he smelled and how alert this baby was. At just a few days old he refused to nap and instead wanted to inspect everything that I was doing.

lewis center family photography

I will always love this image. It's a popular one for a reason. Carter's eyes are so piercing and his forehead is wrinkled showing his intensity. It was a pleasure taking your first professional photos, Carter, and I hope we have many more years of photos ahead!

Family slideshow

A few months ago I posted pictures from a newborn lifestyle session in my clients' home. They were a delight to work with, and so darned photogenic! I can't believe I forgot to post this slideshow that I create for each of my sessions.

I do have slideshows set to music, but for a couple of reasons I'm leaving the music off. First, no one wants music to start playing unexpectedly when they're visiting a website. (Music always seems to start blaring when the kids have just fallen asleep or when the boss strolls by.) And more practically, I have uploaded this to YouTube, which doesn't always play nice with music, even when I have the licensing to use it. Go figure!

Here it is. I love revising these pictures again. What a lovely family, through and through.

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Columbus twins

They're here!!!

Last fall Sarah and Bill announced to the world their major news in a BIG way. They sent a picture I took to everyone of Liam holding his hands pressed to his cheeks in shock as he displays the sign stating he's about to be a big brother to not one but TWO babies.

And now months have passed - approximately nine months in fact! - and the babies made their arrival into the world just a couple weeks ago. Mom and twins are doing well. I had been thinking about them and was so excited to get the text that they were born! And they wanted me to photograph them again! I just love meeting up with the same families after time has passed. We already know each other and it's fun to see how the kids have grown.


We met in Lewis Center for the announcement photo shoot, and this newborn shoot took place at home in Columbus. I love this silhouette-type shot of the babies in their nursery. The cradle they're in is a family heirloom on their daddy's side. I love that they wanted to incorporate a prop with so much meaning.

Big brother Liam is doing a spectacular job with his new baby brothers, Finn and Oliver. Here Finn is getting a little distressed and Liam comforts him. It actually worked too! He has the soothing touch Finn needed.

columbus twins 1
columbus twins 2

Sarah had darling newborn hats and diaper covers made for this shoot. It went so well with the natural earthy look of the hardwood and the cradle. They're little bears!

columbus twins 3

Boy oh boy these two just did not want to sleep. I do love newborn photos when the babies are alert. I think in a few years - or months - their parents will look at these and see their exact personality in these wakeful images.

I am thrilled that I got to meet the twins and capture some lovely portraits for this family. Want your family portraits taken in your own home? Contact Browning Photo right now for a custom session.

Baby bunting birth announcements

Our latest birth announcement design for newborns. I love the colorful banner and the whimsical polka dot background.


This design is two-sided so it is printed on both sides of a 5x7 card. These come in packs of 25 with envelopes. I love there there's room for one big picture on the front and two smaller images on the back so the whole family can be included.

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Onesie birth announcements

I've been adding more products to the Browning Photo store, and little Colin makes another appearance as I created this birth announcement for his proud parents.


Browning Photo has three birth announcement designs to choose from, and this particular design is two-sided. It is printed on 5x7 press cards and comes with envelopes. All of baby's birth statistics are custom-printed on the back of the card and you can choose which favorite photo of your child will appear on the front of the card.

The newest Buckeye in the Ohio crate

My husband's family has a highchair that has been used in their family for over 100 years. It's one of those wooden highchairs with the large tray that lifts up for the child to sit in and swings down over him as the parents grab the child's hands to keep them from getting their fingers pinched. There are also no straps - this was the late 1800s! safety was different back then - so the child could just slide down to the floor if he wanted. It's best to use rolled-up towels to barricade the baby in place if the child is a climber. Just ask me how I know this!

That antique highchair has had dozens of children sit in it throughout the decades. This Ohio crate reminds me of that wooden highchair. There have been a number of children in my Ohio crate and hopefully many more to come!

Itty bitty Colin was just seven days old when he had a turn in the Ohio crate. His older brother was born in California but Colin was born here in Columbus so he's a natural-born Buckeye.


I've written before here about this handmade knit hat. It's from a lady in Florida whom I found on Etsy who knits the most darling hats and newborn props. I recently purchased a custom hat for my own son that I was SO excited about and of course he's at the age where he won't sit still for pictures and thinks the hat is a toy that should be immediately removed from his head and flung for Mama to go retrieve. Oh well!


Here is a close-up of sweet sleepy boy Colin in the buckeye hat sitting in the Ohio crate. Welcome to the world, Colin!

Newborn session with older sibling

To see the earlier blog post about this session click HERE.

I had so much to say about Ryan that I needed a Part II! I love little boys anyway, but this one especially grabbed my heart. He has so much personality. I almost can't handle his sweet and rambunctious nature. So much energy!!


When his mom was tending to his newborn brother during our long session, Ryan took a break for lunch and I had the chance to grab some sweet portraits in the kitchen. Here he is with his Grandpa in the background. What an expression!


His mother, Jessica, didn't know that I had taken these shots of him until our ordering session. She kept smiling at this picture of him eating his green bean saying, "That's Ryan! That is Ryan!"


Jessica's mother said I totally captured Ryan's personality in this shot with his green bean. It's so good to hear that!

Here is Ryan with baby Colin. He's not so sure about his little brother.