Studio Anywhere: Desiree

Lewis Center Family Photography

I wrote in a previous post how much I enjoyed the three-week workshop series from Nick Fancher. On week two we practiced different techniques that included how to create a false black background. We were in the same conference-type room with blue walls as the first week.

Who would have ever thought that the fastest and most portable way to create a black background was just ADDING more lights to a situation? Desiree's hair is so cool-toned that it's gray in real life, so it's not a trick of the camera.

I learned so much from this workshop that I'm applying to my actual business, which is primarily dog photography. Stay tuned for more neat lighting tricks on puppies in the future!

studio anywhere desiree

Headshots in Columbus

Occasionally I do shoots with models, and I realized that I haven't been sharing any on the website! I love shooting families and dogs primarily, but it's fun to switch it up and work with women who are experts are posing.


These were all taken at R&L Studio in Columbus, which is a print shop with studio space available for rent to professional photographers. It's really nice to have the option of a full service studio in the event of rain or other inclement weather.

Headshots in Columbus-1

These headshots came out great. I love that there's such variety in lighting and clothing and overall looks of each of these young women.

Headshots in Columbus-2
Headshots in Columbus-4

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Studio Anywhere: Abby again

Read the first part of this post here!

Lewis Center family photography

After taking those fantastic portraits of Abby and turning a fully lit room into a false black room using lights, it was time to get outside!

Our group proceeded down the street to a small movie theater with a fantastic marquee announcing the current shows and beer night coming up.

Dodging cars in the street was worth it to get these amazing shots of Abby.

With her statuesque figure, the flashbulbs popping, and the four of us photographers taking her picture, Abby definitely caused traffic to slow as people gawked at us.

studio anywhere abby again
studio anywhere abby again

Studio Anywhere: Abby


On our final night of the Nick Fancher workshop, we tried creating a halo effect using just one light and then taking the Studio Anywhere concept outside, where the darkness of night had set in and the lights from the nearby movie theater created a neat backdrop.

Abby is a fantastic model. She had a lot of ideas for posing and delivered such riveting shots.

The makeshift studio where we had the workshop was a conference-type room with blue walls, and we learned all about how to turn them different colors using only lights.

Posting this for now - stay tuned for some more beautiful portraits of Abby!

EDIT: here is the follow-up post!


Studio anywhere

Over the winter I was at my cousin's annual holiday cookie exchange. I was chatting with our other cousin's wife, who is a photographer in Dayton, and she mentioned that I should check out a Columbus photographer she knows named Nick Fancher. I asked her, "Nick Fancher? As in Studio Anywhere Nick Fancher?" She said if I ever got the chance to learn from him I should take it. I was still trying to process the part where she told me she knows him! His book is on my bookshelf!

I'd already read Studio Anywhere, and I knew that Nick was from Columbus, but for some reason it never occurred to me to reach out to him. His work is awesome. It's very different from my own style but I really appreciate his innovative ideas.

The premise of his book is that a photographer can create a studio setup anywhere, with common objects. Instead of heavy, large, expensive equipment, find innovative ways to achieve the same results with household objects. He's a bit like MacGyver in that regard.

After speaking to my cousin's wife, I decided to look up this photographer and found out he had a workshop coming up not far from me. All of this backstory is explanation for this photograph. The workshop was all about creative ways to light a subject in a boring room. This was a plain conference-type room, so believe me it was a perfect boring room that you could find anywhere.


After a couple hours of lecture and watching Nick do his stuff, it was time to play with the lights. I have my own studio lights at home and had never tried the things Nick was demonstrating. When it was time to work with the model, Julie, I tried a few different things than I would normally do.

Julie was awesome because she let me give her very specific instructions. She was great at holding a pose while I tweaked a light or had her turn her head a millimeter to the camera. I've been busy with shooting families as usual and now doing homework for this series of workshops, so I have only had time to work on my very favorite image of the night.

I did some shots where I turned the background white using the lights but I do love how the blue background complements Julie's red hair. And I love this profile picture of her because her cheekbones look amazing.

I just didn't tell her that I learned everything I know from America's Next Top Model. Tyra Banks would say she looks FIERCE!