Rescue senior dog

Meet Ollie. Or as his parents call him, Poopers. They rescued him from an organization a few years ago when he was already a senior dog. Bless them for that. They sought out an older dog they could give a wonderful home and Ollie has a great life. He was taken from a terrible situation and was severely neglected and had health issues. His parents accepted him and nursed him back to health and he’s doing great.

dog photography columbus ohio

Ollie sitting against these throw pillows reminds me of a Ralph Lauren ad. He’s just too adorable. Those ears and little Ewok-looking round face made me want to love on him forever.

rescue senior dog

His dads showed me a copy of Architectural Digest and thought a photo shoot in their recently renovated home would be ideal. Their house looks amazing and their furniture shows off their mid-century modern aesthetic.

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