New puppy

Meet Sophia. She's a rat terrier-Boston terrier mix. She is nine weeks old and already housebroken. She's also just three pounds (although in person she looked about one pound - seriously she is tiny!) so I can't imagine how many potty trips her itty-bitty bladder needs to make in a single day.

sophia all grass 1000w.jpg

Sophia's family has had her for only two weeks but already it's easy to tell she's feeling right at home. We posed for some photographs in the front yard, and Sophia was having a grand old time.


She ran, and she ran, and she ran some more. Then she flopped on her back and wiggled on the grass for a second, then it was time for more running.

columbus dog photography-1

I liked this shot of Sophia taking a rare pause and looking over at me while we see the little girl's legs as she's about to catch Sophia and scoop her up.

We did get a sweet shot of Sophia with her proud big sister. What an adorable pair these two make!

columbus dog photography-2

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Winnie the Old English Sheepdog

Back in the day, on Saturday nights The Wonderful World of Disney would play a movie introduced by Michael Eisner and featuring that iconic Disney opening. The TV movie that I recorded on our VCR and watched over and over was The Shaggy Dog. I can't recall much of it now, but I do remember that the family's father turned into an Old English Sheepdog. I would imagine it was like Freaky Friday, the canine version, but I just don't remember anything besides that gorgeous Old English Sheepdog.

So of course I was psyched to photograph this sheepdog puppy! This is Winnie, who is a year old. She is excited about EVERYTHING in life, especially people. She's deceptively big, too. She's 60 pounds but looks much larger. It's all that awesome sheepdog hair. Her family swears she is tiny under her big fur coat. Winnie supposedly has chicken legs and looks completely different when she's wet. I'd love to see that! My own dog looks like a rat when she's getting bathed, so I believe it.

Winnie the old english sheepdog

Winnie had been suffering from an upset stomach so she didn't get any treats. We had to make do with a favorite ball and squeak toy to keep her attention. She did great! Winnie is a little camera-shy, if you can believe it from these photographs.

columbus dog photography

Every dog has a 'spot' - that special place that you rub and it makes them stop and savor the moment. My dog's spot is her shoulder blades. She leans into it until she's practically falling over. Winnie cracks me up because she loves getting her bottom scratched. I was rubbing her shoulders and her people told me she loves her back - and her backside - scratched. I was loving on her back and sure enough she turned her rear end right into me. What a funny girl!

columbus dog photography-2

Here's Winnie getting a reassuring hug from mom. I normally don't do black and white photographs of dogs, but this candid sweet moment when we were taking a break lends itself to a documentary feel.

columbus dog photography-3

And here's this silly puppy at sunset. Winnie, my eight-year-old self thanks you for being everything I hoped an Old English sheepdog would be. You are funny and floppy and just as adorable as any dog I've ever seen. I love that you broke free from a pose to run over and give me big wet doggy kisses.

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Highbanks foliage

One of my favorite parks is Highbanks in Lewis Center. It's a huge park that's part of the Metro Park system and the trees in autumn look amazing.

columbus dog photography

This couple and I met at Highbanks in the middle of the afternoon. Not ideal for photos, usually, but I knew that due to the foliage and the way the trees are set up in my favorite spots that the canopy of the trees provides a gorgeous backdrop and sunlight diffusion.


My favorite park is always a surprise - this was a spot off the trail that I didn't know existed. This couple clearly knows the parks around town because they knew great photo locations. And they knew all about trees and the ecosystem. I learned so much from our short time together walking through the woods!


One last sweet shot. Adorable!

I'm so glad they chose me to photograph them for their fall photos. Want lovely foliage pictures from Highbanks? Contact me now!

Cartoon dog

This week's theme for the 52-week Pet Photography blog challenge is "low angle." Our front room's chairs are pretty low already and Colby likes to sleep on them in the evening while I work in my home office so I knew I would have to get very low - elbows on the floor, almost, kind of low - for this shot. I used a different technique with my lens and lighting because I wanted this picture to have a cartoonish quality about it. Colby was a good model. She naturally has a kind of sad looking face, so I wanted to exaggerate her features for this shot. I was just lucky she mostly cooperated.


Pretty girl, if I do say so myself! (She takes after me. Ha!)

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Watercolor dogs

Every once in a while I like to play with my photographs and see what new designs I can do with them. I started playing around with watercolors and adapting some portraits to look like fine art paintings. I'm still brand new at trying this style, but it's something different and fun to do.


And here's the (almost) original (with his owner removed).


I'm working on a few others as surprises for their owners. We'll see how people like this style!

Irish setter

Saydee is an Irish setter who was shown at the Dublin Irish Festival earlier on this day. She got a couple souvenirs too - check out the shamrock next to her dog tags. She also got a new green collar with shamrocks on it. I didn't know the Dublin Irish Festival had a dog show! Saydee's mom was telling me how there are all kinds of Irish breeds invited there. Other than Irish setters and Irish wolfhounds, I couldn't name any others off the top of my head. I was pretty proud just to think of those breeds quickly!

irish setter

After a little scouting I found the perfect spot in Saydee's yard. I wanted the sun just peeking out between the tree branches and I wanted Saydee's lovely face framed by the blue sky and green plants. I love how it turned out! I also love that she has that shamrock on - a little nod to her Irish heritage.

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My uncooperative puppy

Technically she's an adult dog, but boy she acts like a puppy the majority of the time.

Sometimes people tell me, "Oh I could never have my dog photographed, she's too stubborn." Let me tell you, none is more hard-headed than my little Colby. It just takes patience and bribery.


If I can get this photo out of her without any treats or peanut butter while the sweet scent of bunny rabbits beckons her to look any way but toward the camera, then there's hope for any dog.

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It's Christmas time in Columbus

This is one of my favorite holiday photos. It's a picture from last year that I took of Carter, whose newborn picture is one of the most popular shots I've ever taken. Click HERE to see that.

Little Mr. Carter, what can I say? You're just so darn photogenic.

christmas time in columbus

This bucket was something I spotted at the Christmas Tree Shop in Dayton, Ohio, when I was visiting family. I eyeballed it for a few minutes trying to decide if a baby would fit inside - sure enough it was perfect! On a side note, I really wish we had a Christmas Tree Shop here in Columbus because it's filled with neat home decor and potential photo props.

christmas time in columbus2

Carter's family is from Atlanta originally, so they told me about a Santa wonderland that is set up in Bass Pro Shops around the country. One is located in their former Georgia suburb. Of course it's just our luck that we don't have a Bass Pro near us! I'm off to Google the closest one because I want my own family to experience something really cool like that.

These photos look like a studio, but they're actually a portable white backdrop with strands of Christmas lights. I set this up in Carter's mother's living room using my backdrop system with a very long roll of white paper. The setting up took longer than the actual photos.

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