Coco's adoption anniversary part 1

Coco is about one and a half years old, and she was adopted from the Franklin County Animal Shelter. She is pure ENERGY. Holy cow. What a runner she is. Correction, what a sprinter. She has the most light-footed (light-pawed?) elegant glide in her run. It's like she has springs inside those little legs!

Here's a sign of Coco with her human. It says "What do you mean I'm adopted? I look just like my mommy!" Hilarious!!


Coco is part black lab, part pit bull. She doesn't look like a pit, but she has that white stripe across her chest that indicates pit. Personally I think she could be part gazelle. This dog could leap and bound across the yard like no other.

coco's adoption anniversary

Look at this face! I love that happy look of curiosity and whimsy that only a grinning dog can give. Coco's mom goes all out for Coco's birthday, with a custom dog cake (peanut butter, of course) and party celebrating the birthday girl. And for her adoption anniversary - which she's calling "the first adoptiversary" - she hired a professional photographer to document their awesome bond on a warm summer evening. LOVE that.

coco's adoption anniversary 2

More photos to come! We got some great dramatic lighting for the big night :) Stay tuned!

Maya, the sweetest dog


I had the most wonderful time with this beautiful German shepherd / lab mix named Maya. She is 11 years old and moving a bit slow but what a gorgeous creature she is. Maya was calm enough to go off leash and even walk down the sidewalk calmly. I joked with Maya's owner that my own dog would have been halfway to Columbus hitch-hiking if we let her off the leash!

We did a very early morning photo session so we could get the best light. There was a lot of morning dew and Maya didn't want to sit and get her bum wet. Who could blame her?

We started in the backyard for pictures and by the time we moved to the front of the house and the sun had warmed the grass nicely and we had a happy, comfortable, sweet, gentle Maya looking at the camera, ready to model.

maya the sweetest dog
maya the sweetest dog-3

Look at that face! I made some silly sounds to get her ears perked up.

After all that hard work, Maya got to relax in her favorite spot.

dog photography columbus ohio 2

Look at this dog in front of the fireplace. Is that a Christmas card picture or what?

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Bella, the patient yellow lab


Every few weeks we visit my husband's family in Plain City, Ohio. It's a quick trip from northern Columbus and we just have the best time. Ever since we moved from Dayton to Columbus, we make a point to scoot down the road from Delaware County over to Union County at least once a month for a visit.

For ten years my husband's family had a wonderful yellow lab named Maggie, who was best friends with Bella, the yellow lab next door. My husband's family likes to say that Maggie taught Bella everything she knows. Sadly Maggie is no longer with us but Bella carries her sweet spirit. When Bella doesn't want to listen or starts to act up at the vet, her family just asks, "Bella, would Maggie do that?" and she straightens right up! Bella loves to play and her favorite pastime is tearing up cardboard soda containers.

I took these pictures for Bella's family in December. Can you believe it's winter in these photos? And can you believe she's a grown dog? She looks like a puppy! We had a lot of fun. Just looking at her face in these makes me laugh. Aren't dogs the best?

Testimonial from Bella's owner:
We L-O-V-E the photos of Bella! ... Lisa did an outstanding job of photographing my Yellow Lab, Bella in December of 2015. She captured the natural beauty and playful nature of our family we will treasure for a lifetime
— Kathy F.

Bella was so patient and nice to work with. Look at those sweet puppy eyes!