Two kittens in Worthington, Ohio

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These beautiful kittens are only about six months old and couldn't be more different. Laka, the brown striped cat, is the most playful kitten I've ever seen. It was non-stop playtime for Laka. She turned into a bit of a ham! She is clearly a very social cat because she took right to me, the camera, my lights, my noise-makers, everything. She was especially intrigued when I was setting up my larges pieces of equipment in her living room. Then when it was her turn, Laka was so patient and gave me the prettiest expressions with different angles of her face and eyes.

Next was Hilo, who did not want much to do with me! She watched from afar and bolted every time I went near her. Hilo got on the perch where I had photographed Laka then jumped down after one shot. Then guess who hops right up again? Laka. She was ready for more pictures to be taken!

two kittens in worthington ohio

Above is Laka, giving an encore performance of her modeling debut.

two kittens in worthington ohio 2
two kittens in worthington ohio 3

Hilo let me take exactly one shot where I wanted her and she made it a good one. I caught her later playing on the stairs and grabbed this shot.

We tried feathers, tinkly cat noisemakers, ribbons, even raw minnows (yum!) and Hilo wasn't being enticed by any of it. Laka, however, was ALL ABOUT the ribbons and streamers and pretty much anything she could get her tiny paws around.

two kittens in worthington ohio 4

In our consultation, one shot that was important to get was the two kitties looking out the window. There is a birdfeeder just outside and they like to gaze out the window. I loved the high-contrast feel in black and white for this photograph.

We got many more photos of the kittens and their owners, who loved the family portraits with everyone, including the cats. I'm thrilled to add some kitties to my list of animals I've photographed. It's been almost all dogs and a couple rabbits before now!

Do you have a cat who likes to stare out the window or cuddle and snuggle? Contact me here now for in-home family portraits featuring your beloved pets! I'd love to chat about your ideas for indoor cat portraits.