In-home portrait


Many of my sessions take place in the home, which is always a fun and creative challenge for me because it's a brand new environment to me and it's where the clients feel most comfortable. Plus it's a good excuse to clean the house before a photographer comes in to take pictures, right?

Jan's portrait took place with natural light in the afternoon. No studio lights or modifiers needed. The set-up couldn't have been simpler and I used my favorite lens to create a pleasing background blur so you can still tell it's a kitchen inside the home but it makes the subject pop.

I love the way Jan's face stands out. A good portrait should draw you into the subject, both with lighting and how the shot is set up. It helps to not wear something distracting like a graphic t-shirt or a neon dress. Black really is so simple and will never go out of style.

I knew Jan's dark sweater and dark hair next to the cabinets would be just the contrast needed, and I made sure to position my camera so I'd have her head framed by the tops of the cabinets for a pleasing halo effect.

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Family slideshow

A few months ago I posted pictures from a newborn lifestyle session in my clients' home. They were a delight to work with, and so darned photogenic! I can't believe I forgot to post this slideshow that I create for each of my sessions.

I do have slideshows set to music, but for a couple of reasons I'm leaving the music off. First, no one wants music to start playing unexpectedly when they're visiting a website. (Music always seems to start blaring when the kids have just fallen asleep or when the boss strolls by.) And more practically, I have uploaded this to YouTube, which doesn't always play nice with music, even when I have the licensing to use it. Go figure!

Here it is. I love revising these pictures again. What a lovely family, through and through.

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Newborn session with older sibling

To see the earlier blog post about this session click HERE.

I had so much to say about Ryan that I needed a Part II! I love little boys anyway, but this one especially grabbed my heart. He has so much personality. I almost can't handle his sweet and rambunctious nature. So much energy!!


When his mom was tending to his newborn brother during our long session, Ryan took a break for lunch and I had the chance to grab some sweet portraits in the kitchen. Here he is with his Grandpa in the background. What an expression!


His mother, Jessica, didn't know that I had taken these shots of him until our ordering session. She kept smiling at this picture of him eating his green bean saying, "That's Ryan! That is Ryan!"


Jessica's mother said I totally captured Ryan's personality in this shot with his green bean. It's so good to hear that!

Here is Ryan with baby Colin. He's not so sure about his little brother.