Ohio autumn dog portraits

There are so many words to describe Brixy. Just look at this first picture - one glance at her face will tell you everything you need to know about this character. That expression on her face is priceless!

dog photography columbus ohio

Brixy is a seven-month-old sweet, silly, curious, bouncy, animated, fun goldendoodle. If you can believe it, she's only about 30 pounds. She's all hair!


Her family made sure her bouffant was perfectly coiffed for her autumn portrait session with me.


In our planning session, we sat down and talked about wardrobe and clothing options. These two followed my advice to a tee. Long sleeves, layers, colors that complement each other, neutral tones. They did their homework and came prepared! I think this is one of the only photos where Brixy didn't have her tongue hanging out of her mouth. This is one happy-go-lucky puppy!


Oh there's that tongue again! She can't help but make people smile. Some people in the park were stopping to watch Brixy and asking to pet her. Brixy went to doggie daycare the day before our session and was worn out. I can't imagine her boundless energy without that daycare session in advance. She was a blast to photograph!

Thinking of having your dog's portraits taken? Contact me now - I'm happy to hear your ideas for a photo session!

Spring at Goodale

Theo is only three months old and such a handsome boy. He's a floppy, silly, happy pup. And surprisingly he had a great 'sit' command for being so young!

spring at goodale-1
columbus dog photography

Look at that head tilt! I have a little arsenal of tools that I always have with me to capture dogs' attention and perhaps get an adorable head tilt. He is so stinkin' adorable.

spring at goodale-2

This flowering magnolia tree at Goodale was a lucky find. Those fuchsia-pink petals were still on the trees and not on the ground yet. Spring is such a gorgeous time of year when the trees are blossoming - and it's even better when there's a sweet dog enjoying the great outdoors!