Project 52: Week 42 Brick

This week's challenge is Brick, and Harley is the perfect dog to show off a rustic looking front porch.

dog photography columbus ohio

When we were at this park, her owner asked me, clearly worried, "Is this somebody's house?" It is a park office but sure does look like a regular home!

Project 52 week 42 Brick-1
Project 52 week 42 Brick-2

I'll blog more of the lovely portraits of this gorgeous redhead soon. Harley is too good not to show off to the world. Her mom loves the portraits and gave me a big hug after she opened her wall art and prints. Stay tuned!

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Hilliard dog photography

One of my favorite expressions is, "It's a good problem to have." After a session like this, I need to repeat that like a mantra. Because these dogs were SO well-behaved and the weather was perfect and the settings were lovely, I wound up with way more beautiful photographs than I could handle. I always aim to get a lot of great photos that my clients will want to hang on their wall and admire for years to come, but the sheer number of "keepers" was almost overwhelming. It was a tough choice for this family because their dogs are clearly the most handsome boys ever.

dog photography columbus ohio

These handsome boys are Toby and Gunner. They act as greeters at the family vet office so they are used to lots of people and distractions and other dogs. The weather for our shoot was unreal, too. It was 76 and sunny on the last weekend of October. The two boys were so cooperative and calm as they waited for treats between shots.


I had the pups and their humans get into position and Toby decided to show his personality. He flopped over and decided he was done, done, done. I like how he's still giving me a sneaky glance so technically he's a reluctant participant. By this point I'd asked a lot of the boys and he was clearly finished with me!


Who's a good boy? Toby perked right up when his favorite human wanted to snuggle. Toby, AKA Tobias, and his brother Gunner have middle names. Toby's full name is Tobias Andrew. I love that! And speaking of love, look at the connection between these two. Clearly Tobias Andrew is a love bug.


Guess who decided he wanted to model on the bridge? The sun fell perfectly behind him and backlit his lovely golden hair.

It was so hard to choose just a few images to share here. The family had lots to choose from and they love their portraits, which is the most important thing.


One final image from these two goofs. I love how Gunner is holding Toby back from the leaf, like "Wait, it could be a trap!" They're both so transfixed on it.

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Watercolor golden retriever

In a prior blog post I posted this lovely golden retriever named Drummer. One thing I really enjoy is creating digital watercolors. It's not an app on a cell phone that makes it look like a watercolor, but rather an actual digital watercolor portrait that I do by hand - or rather, with my Wacom tablet and Wacom drawing pen. Each one is custom made and unique to that pet. I love sitting down and playing with finished photographs creating a new look and feel for a portrait.

columbus dog photography

Here is a close-up of this golden retriever's face. Even printed on standard matte paper, it looks like it was created on watercolor. And of course I always add in some paw prints for a fun extra touch.


Thanks for the smile, Drummer! You're awfully handsome.

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Columbus golden retriever

This morning I came across this photograph I took last summer of 6-year-old Drummer. It was so hot that evening that every single portrait of this handsome golden retriever featured his tongue hanging out - he couldn't stop panting! We kept it pretty quick and luckily he was very cooperative that we were in and out of the park quickly. Drummer got a big burst of refreshing air conditioning in the car on the way home!

columbus golden retriever

We met at the Park of Roses, part of Whetstone Park in Columbus. It's too bad more of the roses were not in bloom in late summer. The fountain with the sun setting still made for a lovely scene.

Drummer's family takes him dock diving, which is how I became acquainted with them. I hope to see him in action someday! Jumping into a lake or pool would have felt great on this hot evening.

Golden retriever dock diving

I was so thrilled to join the Golden Retriever Club of Columbus for a dock diving demonstration at their monthly meeting. This was an awesome night for a dog lover like me. There are dock diving competitions on YouTube that I've watched, and I'd always hoped to see one someday. When the chance popped up to see it in person, of course I had to be there!


It was so interesting to learn about techniques to getting a dog ready for dock diving. The most important thing? Don't toss your dog off the dock into the lake! You don't want him or her to be afraid of diving into water. We saw a number of dogs get in on the action during the demonstration. I got the chance for some mid-air action shots like this one.


And of course not every throw was going to be a success. This dog has the funniest expression on his face when he looks back and sees he leaped farther than the toy was tossed!


Sometimes the pups got overexcited and dropped the toy and had to go back in to retrieve it. It was so hot out, that an extra swim through the water probably felt great. It looked pretty tempting to me!


What a beautiful girl watching her doggie friends!

Before each meeting, the club has a standing challenge called The Order of the Egg. There are various points awarded for how far a dog goes to retrieve a regular chicken egg, picks it up in his mouth, and then brings it back to the starting point. The ideal for these golden retrievers is to have what is called a "soft mouth" so they can retrieve game that their owners have hunted without further damaging it.


I see the egg in this one's mouth!


I just like this shot because the dog's profile mirrors the dog on the sign.


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