New puppy

Meet Sophia. She's a rat terrier-Boston terrier mix. She is nine weeks old and already housebroken. She's also just three pounds (although in person she looked about one pound - seriously she is tiny!) so I can't imagine how many potty trips her itty-bitty bladder needs to make in a single day.

sophia all grass 1000w.jpg

Sophia's family has had her for only two weeks but already it's easy to tell she's feeling right at home. We posed for some photographs in the front yard, and Sophia was having a grand old time.


She ran, and she ran, and she ran some more. Then she flopped on her back and wiggled on the grass for a second, then it was time for more running.

columbus dog photography-1

I liked this shot of Sophia taking a rare pause and looking over at me while we see the little girl's legs as she's about to catch Sophia and scoop her up.

We did get a sweet shot of Sophia with her proud big sister. What an adorable pair these two make!

columbus dog photography-2

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Inniswood family session

I've been so busy shooting new fun sessions that I'm getting behind on sharing some beautiful images. A few months ago I got to spend a perfect spring morning with this happy, bubbly little girl and her hilarious parents.


This family had never been to Inniswood Park, in Westerville, and I knew they'd love it. It's not far from Lewis Center and has a variety of landscapes for awesome pictures. The flowers were in full bloom in the park when we arrived. I had seen the tulips all over the park a few weeks before this shoot, but unfortunately we had just missed them. There were still plenty of gorgeous trees like this one with these HUGE purple blooms.

There is a rock garden, which did not sound appealing to me at all until I saw it in person. It's a must-do, picturesque backdrop for families. This little one absolutely loves water so she was enamored with all of the streams and brooks and fountains.


Sometimes the best way to keep a toddler at hand is to plunk him or her on a bench! She has so much energy and was running all over the place. I usually have a box or something sturdy with me to set a child upon if I want to photograph a sitting pose, but I knew Inniswood is filled with benches. This portrait shows how the morning sun backlit her sweet face beautifully.


Mommy better watch that bracelet! It looks very posh with that blue romper and would go with so many different outfits! It adds just the right amount of bling for a stylish toddler.

We moved on to the Sisters' Garden, which is dedicated to the two sisters who donated the land for Inniswood to the city of Westerville. Look who got to play with Mommy's bracelet!

There are so many sweet portraits that it's tough to choose some favorites.


There's some sort of water contraption in the Sisters' Garden. It's next to a life-sized house, and I'm not sure what it does but water flows down and kids absolutely love it!

Look at how happy these two are together. It was a beautiful day and a fun time. I'm sure they're going to go back because all the different sources of water was a big hit with this little one!


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