Family slideshow in Westerville

This family had SO many beautiful pictures. I liked how the posed portraits turned out, and I especially love the black and white documentary style photos that captured spontaneous moments.


I'm uploading the slideshow without the accompanying music since YouTube likes to err on the side of caution with licensed songs. Darn it! It's still pretty sweet even on's just so much better in person!

Spring has sprung in Westerville

lewis center family photography

There are some absolutely gorgeous places locally that I love to visit with my photography clients. Inniswood Park in Westerville is a spectacular place to see in spring!

This picture is of a little girl offering a rose. It's one of many statues of children in the park.

One of my favorite parts of Inniswood is the Sisters' Garden. There are many other gardens all within the park, but the Sisters' Garden is such a sweet little area that kids love.

There is a life-sized house and gardens and TONS of flowers. And of course statues of children to welcome their littlest visitors!

Here's another wee visitor among the flowers. These tulips are everywhere!!

spring has sprung in westerville

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Choosing the right Lewis Center photographer for you

Living between Columbus and Delaware, I know that there are a zillion photographers you could pick. Lewis Center alone has at least a quarter of a zillion, roughly. So what should you look for in a photographer?

Obviously, images are important! Look at the portfolio and see if those pictures appeal to you. Do you look at all the images and think, "Wow, I would love to have a picture like that hanging in my living room"?

Even though you can't see your family's images in a photographer's portfolio, you should be able to get a sense of the photographer's aesthetic. Personally, I favor clean, crisp images where the subject pops, and I strive to photograph and edit my images to keep in that aesthetic.

HERE IS THE BEST PART ABOUT BROWNING PHOTO - you get to see your images before you order your photographs. After you put down a small sitting fee and we have our photo shoot, your images are transformed to perfection using the latest digital software technology for photography. We meet again at an ordering session and that's your chance to view your precious images and decide which photos will look most fabulous in your home.

There are a zillion photographers in the Delaware County / Columbus corridor and we all have very different styles. You want to find a photographer whose sample images make you excited to envision your own loved ones getting photographed. Browning Photo is different because you see your images BEFORE you purchase any prints or order a digital collection.

Bottom line - I want you to be thrilled with the final product and want to come back for future sessions.

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Outdoor family photos in Lewis Center

Outdoor family photos have become very popular in recent years, and for good reason. Getting outside lets the family play in nature and have some fun while the camera documents their interactions.

Lewis Center has some scenic locations that are fantastic for outdoor family photos. I have written about various places in Delaware County that set the scene for vibrant portraits. Check out my blog posts below for examples!

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Fall foliage and an epic baby announcement!

This post is so special to me because this family gave me the opportunity to share in some terrific and exciting news. Keep reading for details! But first look at those happy faces...


The foliage in Highbanks was gorgeous - of course it would be with all those trees turning lovely colors. We caught the foliage at the tail end of autumn. I was at the same spot the following week for a shoot and the trees were almost all bare. By catching the end of the leaves turning, at least we had color left on the trees and of course we had Liam toss some leaves up in the air for good measure. That's always a hit with the kids!

The best part is always tossing the leaves!

The best part is always tossing the leaves!

As I was still in the process of developing these images I took a break from the long hours at the computer and visited a good friend at her house. I had the unprocessed files with me so she could see the latest family I had photographed. Out of all the portraits my friend stopped at the following image and pointed - "Look at the joy in that little boy's face!" she exclaimed.

He really does look joyful, doesn't he?

He really does look joyful, doesn't he?

I had to include it here because every time I see it now I think of her comment and have to agree. I love that Liam's fingers are all completely separated and outstretched, having just tossed a couple handfuls of leaves. It gives his picture so much energy. And it was just pure luck that the leaves he tossed formed a natural frame around him!

Well now for the exciting news - this family of three is going to add two more children to their roster! Mom is expecting twins and wanted a fun way to announce it to the world. Take a look at Liam holding a chalkboard that had the message 'Soon to be a big brother of TWINS!' on it.


Throughout our session the chalkboard sign got a little wear and tear on it. Some smudges, some fingerprints, some fading - nothing a little Photoshop can't fix!

I usually have a small crate with me at outdoor sessions because they're so versatile. Kids can sit on it, I can place my camera on it if I need a steady shot close to the ground, and easiest of all I can use it to carry all my odds and ends.

We started out with Liam sitting on the crate and he gave us these adorable poses. I really like this one in particular where only his eyes are peeking out from the chalkboard.


This was pretty adorable but I'm always trying to think up new ways to photograph kids, especially when I know it's going to be their EPIC announcement to the world! No pressure, right?

I asked Liam to sit on the ground next to a tree with the chalkboard beside him. He was getting a little restless and tired of smiling so I asked myself... "Self, what kind of expression would I want to see on a big brother's face when he learns this news?"

Liam's only four years old so I was pretty sure if I had requested "Liam, look shocked!" he wouldn't know what to do. Instead I asked if him he could make a scared face for me. Well that was all he needed. Liam slapped his hands on both sides of his face and gave me a look like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone. It was HILARIOUS.


Here's Liam looking shocked. His parents were thrilled with this shot, and I hear it was a huge hit with all of their Facebook friends!

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The classic Radio Flyer little red wagon

Browning Photo has a number of attractive props for you to use in your family portraits. This little red wagon is the classic Radio Flyer and it was actually my own childhood red wagon. It has been sitting in my parents' garage for three decades!

My childhood toy works just fine and the little wear and tear just add character and charm to it. I love the vintage look of this larger real wood wagon as opposed to the metal Radio Flyer wagons that are smaller. I love when I can go prop hunting in my childhood home and come back with a great find like this!

columbus red wagon highbanks

We put this sweet toddler in the little red wagon at Highbanks during the height of the fall foliage. I love the red wagon against the changing leaves. Here is a wide shot of the entire wagon.

classic red wagon wide shot
lewis center boy close-up fall foliage

His sweet little face in this red plaid and the corduroy overalls is just too much for me! This is why fall is my favorite time of year for photography!

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