Kestel, the very stubborn dachshund

Meet Kestel. He presented a little bit of a challenge for me because 1) he's a black dog, and black dogs are a bit more difficult to capture in photographs than lighter-colored dogs and 2) Kestel is a bit hard-headed! Or should I say he is DOGmatic... (get it?)


Here is Kestel out in the snow. I love how the light catches his silky black fur!

This little dog is something else. He loves children and loves food. His leash? Not so much. When Kestel walked over for a treat and stood facing the wagon (instead of turning in front of it facing me so I could snap his portrait), that was how he decided he needed to remain, with his tail-side by my camera.

There was coaxing... gentle nudging... then some prodding... and finally I asked if I could just pick him up and turn him 180 degrees. "Good luck with that!" his owner told me.

Kestel decided that instead of me picking him up, he'd roll onto his back. Not only did he sprawl out, but as I tried to scoop him up he went limp, too. I don't know how he managed it but he added at least fifty pounds to his short little frame. If I were a Kings Island worker at the 'Guess your age or weight' games I would be transferred to another game before the first day was over. What looked like a 12 pound dog felt like 150.

Finally I got him picked up and turned around, but not without some sweat on my brow. It's OK, Kestel. I think you're perfect just the way you are.

After all, they say that black is slimming, right?