Cockapoo running

Colby and I had such fun romping through the yard earlier this month that we did it again. This dog will do anything for treats.

dog photography columbus ohio

We ran out of treats and resorted to carrots. And when we ran out of carrots, we moved onto cucumbers. Who knew dogs could love cucumbers so much?


Here's Colby flying through the air with the greatest of ease. We went inside and I gave her a bowl of fresh water and had the idea to put slices of cucumber in it. She LOVED it. I realized that I was giving my dog cold cucumber water like the receptionist gives guests at my hair salon. Colby has reached new levels of pampering!

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Shadow the rescue dog

Shadow is an amazing four-year-old black lab from the Franklin County Animal Shelter who found his people as a puppy. It was love at first sight. He's such a good boy that he retrieves his mom's daily newspaper for her so she can do her crossword puzzles. In fact, they don't get the Dispatch on Sundays so they re-wrap a previous newspaper and throw it in the yard for him to fetch so he never misses a day!

dog photography columbus ohio

I set up my lights in the living room and played with some black-on-black. Shadow knows "place" which is a pretty advanced dog command and executed it perfectly. What a good boy!

Look at this handsome boy! I can't get over how loving and happy he is all the time. The rest of the photos are with his family so I'm only sharing ONE here. Thanks for looking! If you'd like your sweet dog photographed, contact me now - I'd love to hear from you!

Red golden retriever Part II

Beautiful Harley, a red golden retriever, was featured in a previous blog post. She had SO many beautiful portraits I couldn't help but write another blog post just for her.

dog photography columbus ohio

Look at that gorgeous redhead lounging on the porch!


...and lounging by the flowers.


We hung around hoping for the sky to do something magical because there were zero clouds that evening. Finally we got some pink tones, which look nice with Harley's red hair.

blog tree out.jpg

Harley is super lucky that she gets to go into the office five days a week! She and her owner are inseparable. As the sun set and we were packing up I said, "Wait! One last shot!" We got a handshake silhouette at the last second.

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Rescue senior dog

Meet Ollie. Or as his parents call him, Poopers. They rescued him from an organization a few years ago when he was already a senior dog. Bless them for that. They sought out an older dog they could give a wonderful home and Ollie has a great life. He was taken from a terrible situation and was severely neglected and had health issues. His parents accepted him and nursed him back to health and he’s doing great.

dog photography columbus ohio

Ollie sitting against these throw pillows reminds me of a Ralph Lauren ad. He’s just too adorable. Those ears and little Ewok-looking round face made me want to love on him forever.

rescue senior dog

His dads showed me a copy of Architectural Digest and thought a photo shoot in their recently renovated home would be ideal. Their house looks amazing and their furniture shows off their mid-century modern aesthetic.

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Ohio German shepherd

Dax is a sweet boy who wanted *attention*! He had a good time running around the yard and having fun on a warm spring evening. When the camera came out, he turned on the charm.

dog photography columbus ohio

I only wish the sun had come out! It was cloudy and threatened rain all day long and then in the afternoon as I arrived the sun was shining for all of two minutes. It hid behind those clouds on the right of the picture and never came out again. Luckily I always bring lights to create a beautiful portrait in any kind of natural light. Dax looks so regal here, making this a favorite shot of him with his ears up and mouth smiling. Good boy!

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Red golden retriever

Harley is a big beautiful redhead. The runt of the litter, she's now a gorgeous healthy dog.

dog photography columbus ohio

Harley was a born model.


I love this photo in particular. Something about it reminds me of the Bush's baked beans commercials. Remember when the premise was that the baked beans company has this secret family recipe and the only one who's heard it is Duke, their dog, and the dog looks at the camera and says "Roll that beautiful bean footage." This scene with the beautiful tree draping down in the late afternoon light over the lake and Harley's slightly mischievous expression reminds me of that!

(After typing all that I looked up the Bush's baked beans commercial and the real Duke was camera-shy, so a professional dog model stepped in! Both were golden retrievers and the Duke in the commercials was a red golden retriever, so that's why Harley reminds me so much of that dog! Mystery solved.)


Harley carries her own leash. She loves having a stick in her mouth or toting her own lead on walks.


One last portrait of Harley. I love this dog. She's so sweet and her red hair really stood out against the green leaves of summer.

But that's not all! Stay tuned to see Part II of her beautiful photo shoot.

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Four rescue dogs

These four dogs had very rough starts to their lives. Their sweet souls endured circumstances no animal should ever face, but they've found a loving happy home with the nicest, most caring couple ever.

dog photography columbus ohio

We did their photo shoot in their own backyard. After the sun set, we moved inside and I set up a little studio in their living room. Meet Hiney, Tiny, Skamp, and Baby.


Their family has a huge yard with so much space for them to romp and play. Their pet parents wanted a shot of Skamp and Baby running across their property.


Baby is really apprehensive so she kept her distance from me. The fact that I got a quick pat in by the end of our time together meant she must have started to trust me. When we first met for our planning session, Baby was very skeptical of me but when she saw how nice I was to Skamp she started warming up to me. By the time our photo shoot rolled around she was back to being a bit leery of me and my camera, but she came around. I was particularly excited that she let me get this portrait and the group portrait on the black background.

blog ed thomas 234.jpg

One more of Skamp running straight for me. He has a permanent smile on his face, and with this beautiful yard and a three furry siblings to play with and doting parents and a warm bed at night, it's no wonder he's a happy boy now.

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