Ultimate food lover

Colby loves food more than any other dog I've ever met. She LOOOOVES food. She has her favorites that most dogs love, like peanut butter and cheese and meat. But she loves everything, including carrots, toast, bananas, scrambled eggs... These aren't things we intentionally feed her, but rather food that she's stolen from right in front of us.

I will never forget the time I was cutting up vegetables for a homemade minestrone soup in our kitchen. Colby started begging me for the onion I was chopping. I warned her she wouldn't like raw onion, but when I gave her a tiny piece she chomped it up and started loudly whining, begging for more onion. There's nothing this dog won't eat. We've tried training her but she's the most stubborn little thing! I think she knows how cute she is and uses it to her advantage.

dog photography columbus ohio

I made the mistake of sitting this half-eaten bagel on the counter and turning my back. I heard a fast scrape of her nails as she launched herself off the floor vertically, then a loud thudding sound resonated. Here's the moment after I grabbed my camera.

ultimate food lover

She’s a cockapoo so her ears naturally hang down and flop around. The fact that they’re airborn cracks me up. She really got some height in those jumps!

ultimate food lover 2

Almost got it! I didn’t let this go on for long. Just a few hops and clicks of the camera to document her downright "dogged" determination (I can’t resist a canine pun)!


Yappy New Year 2017

I was debating on labeling this blog entry either Yappy New Year or Hoppy New Year, because both would apply to the photo I took for this week's theme of the 52-Week Challenge. The theme is simply "New." Welcome, 2017.

For the first few years of being in our house we've had an antique ice cream shop table that was a little too small for our breakfast nook, next to the kitchen. It was my husband's grandparents' table that they purchased back in the 1950s so it had loads of sentimental memories. We had been wanting something larger to fill the space properly when I came across this table and chairs. We bought it for our breakfast nook and quickly realized something. We never ate meals at the old table, so we never had Colby jumping for food. It's a habit we've never seen in her because our dining room table is taller and for some reason she lies at our feet in the dining room. Here in the breakfast nook, she considers everything fair game.

Colby decided she NEEDED this half-eaten bagel as we were cleaning up this morning. On her hind legs, fully stretching as much as possible, her nose can touch the edge of the new table at most. I saw her head pop up and had to grab my camera for a shot of her laser-focus on our breakfast remnants. Here's the photo- check out those floppy cockapoo ears mid-air!

dog photography columbus ohio

When it became clear there was no way of getting her to simply stop jumping and be quiet, I grabbed my camera and started clicking. My husband was probably wondering why there was all the commotion as he was getting ready - there was a LOT of barking, thumping, whimpering, and and thudding. Luckily I got a shot pretty quickly and the bagel was tossed.

Nothing like using our nice new furniture to tease the dog the sake of a photo!

So that's what is new here this week. To see the next pet photographer who has a different take on the "new" theme, check out Kim with BARKography located in Charlotte NC. It's part of the blog ring for the 52 week challenge. Keep clicking at the end and it'll eventually bring you back here. Happy new year!