Lily the mini schnauzer

Lily is one of the most cooperative dogs I've ever photographed. She is also ridiculously photogenic, with those super long eyelashes framing her large deep brown eyes.

columbus dog photography

Lily had the perfect perch in front of the fireplace. She was completely still for such a long time! At one point I asked her owner to remove her collar, fully expecting Lily to get up and run around. Nope. She stayed completely still staring at me and I resumed the photographs. If I hadn't seen her walk around when I first got to her house I'd have thought she was a mannequin dog.

lily the mini schnauzer
lily the mini schnauzer 2

Usually I don't photograph animals in black and white but this one really suited the high contrast of black and white. The shadow behind her makes for a more dramatic look, and the dark blanket slung over the chaise lounge makes her ears really stand out. Tyra Banks would say "You're looking fierce!"


And finally, the Christmas card I designed. I made the first photograph on this page into a watercolor. It really suited that particular portrait. When this family mentioned they wanted Christmas cards, I knew the watercolor would add a special touch to the custom design. Love it!

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Maya, the sweetest dog


I had the most wonderful time with this beautiful German shepherd / lab mix named Maya. She is 11 years old and moving a bit slow but what a gorgeous creature she is. Maya was calm enough to go off leash and even walk down the sidewalk calmly. I joked with Maya's owner that my own dog would have been halfway to Columbus hitch-hiking if we let her off the leash!

We did a very early morning photo session so we could get the best light. There was a lot of morning dew and Maya didn't want to sit and get her bum wet. Who could blame her?

We started in the backyard for pictures and by the time we moved to the front of the house and the sun had warmed the grass nicely and we had a happy, comfortable, sweet, gentle Maya looking at the camera, ready to model.

maya the sweetest dog
maya the sweetest dog-3

Look at that face! I made some silly sounds to get her ears perked up.

After all that hard work, Maya got to relax in her favorite spot.

dog photography columbus ohio 2

Look at this dog in front of the fireplace. Is that a Christmas card picture or what?

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