Dog days of Christmas

We had a very very busy December, as we traveled to all nine PetPeople stores taking photos of dogs. We partnered with a different local rescue organization at each store so it was great to help dogs all over central Ohio and meet the folks from all those animal charities. Plus we got to meet the sweetest and funniest and most rambunctious dogs in Columbus. We encountered dogs and cats (and bunnies) from every part of Ohio and other states who came in for their holiday portraits.

columbus dog photography

Sweet, tiny little Charlie was a rescue dog who came in with his adoring human. He has a sad history and is scared of men. He was even a bit timid around me, so I took extra care to be cautious, take my time, and let him come over to me. Charlie opened up at a bit as he got more comfortable, but boy his eyes didn't leave his mom! I told everyone that I have no personal bubbles, so come get close to me so their dog's eyes follow them and look as closely as possible at the camera. We got a really good one of Charlie here! I can't stop gazing at his sweet little face. I love this dog. (I probably say that about every dog, but Charlie stands out in my mind due to his backstory and the attachment he had to his mom.)


Speaking of headshots, how awesome is Paige? She has such a ladylike, grown-up name.


Regis! He's a black goldendoodle and a total ham. This dog was all personality. He's 100% curious loving floppy silly puppy.


These huskies came to the Westerville PetPeople store when there were SO MANY dogs waiting in line. They were good boys but the sheer volume of people and dogs was too much for them. I was so glad that their family brought them back at the end of the day and we got some special photos made for them. This one makes me laugh because of the ears and the tongues and the big grins on their faces.


And speaking of ears being perked up - look at these three pups! They clearly know how to pose and how to work their angles like pro models. Love the elf ears on their Santa hats. Their person left them in the car for a second to see how many dogs we had in the store. She brought them back in at the tail end (excuse the pun!) of our last day. They were a little antsy on their leashes waiting to get started, so I had no way of knowing they'd be AMAZING at posing. Clearly their doting mom works with them. She lined them up then moved away and we just starting snapping photos. I wouldn't have guessed the little guy in the middle was new to the family. What an obedient pack!


This was a funny pack, too. All dressed in complementary plaid doggie sweaters, these pups were great. This is a good one of them. Luke looks so sweet and happy. Kimber is licking his nose wanting to be finished. Ellie looks intrigued by her family off-camera, distancing herself a little from her brothers, like "I don't claim these two."


Some dogs were so talkative when they were posing! Huskies especially. Not a full bark like my dog does when she's impatient for treats, but rather a whiny screech to let me know to hurry up. I can't recall if Nova did that, but I remember wondering if it was definitely huskies' signature bark.

One last close-up. I love the tongue lick. The little sweater and the scarf on Jasper is perfect for this little gentleman.

I have some holiday portraits of dogs and kids that are too sweet for words, so pictures will have to do! Look for those in an upcoming blog post.

We're finished with PetPeople holiday portraits for the year and it was a wild ride. Thanks to everyone who came out for their dogs' and cats' and rabbits' portraits. PetPeople was wonderful to us, and of course a special thanks to Canine Collective, Pet Promise, Rescued Ohio, and Pets without Parents. We are happy to partner with everyone and hope the holidays are brighter for homeless pets.

Christmas dogs

I had a blast at PetPeople in Upper Arlington, Ohio, this past weekend. You can see my previous day here. These are not all the portraits we took but just a small portion of the fun dogs (and bunnies) who came to see us for Christmas portraits.

columbus dog photography
Christmas dogs-1

The volunteers who helped us from Rescued Ohio made our day go so smoothly because it was really bustling! In fact one of the gals had her husband and kids bring in their two dogs and their foster pup. They look like a complete family. And they posted really well together. It took a little patience to get them all in one spot like this!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Christmas sweaters. This couple was really into the holiday spirit and their dog had the best expression on his face.

The green backdrop is new this year and looks great! And the bows on the presents are a work of art. My mother-in-law has a Bowdabra contraption that makes bows easily. It worked like a charm for decorating this Christmas set.

Christmas dogs-2

These ladies have their Christmas portrait with their dogs taken every year together. They're just friends and want to show off the dogs together. The puppy on the far right was so excited to see - and smell - all the other dogs and humans in the store. I couldn't believe we got everyone to look at the same spot all at once! We even got some nice happy expressions from each dog, too.

Christmas dogs-3
Christmas dogs-4

Leroy was a huge hit as soon as he walked into the store. We saw him strut into the store with that expression and that bowtie and knew he was going to be a great model. He was dressed to the nines for his official holiday portrait.

Ollie was so inquisitive and energetic. One of the gals from Rescued Ohio brought holiday bandanas to dress up the naked dogs a little. I also brought a red and white Santa coat that's made for a little dog but most of the pups that came in were much bigger than my own. What a great idea to have the option for a little dressing up.

Christmas dogs-5
Christmas dogs-6

Beautiful black Lena and her lovely human got in on the photos too. Lena was a rescue dog and the shelter had said she was a senior lab. It turns out she's about three years old and is part Great Dane. She's still wonderful and clearly loves her person.

Finn and Mudd came in to see us for their portraits in their favorite winter sweaters. Finn, the dog on the left, immediately walked over and created a fast friendship with my husband. He's a viszla - Finn, not my husband - and clearly is a lovebug. Mudd was a bit more energetic and excited by all the activity in the store. We were so glad to get this lovely portrait of them lying down so close together and both looking the same way.

Christmas dogs-7

And I got to photograph my first bunnies! Henry was a bit skittish but his sister was hopping all over saying hello to us. I thought my dog was soft until I touched these two. Henry, on the left, was the softest creature I've ever touched. I hope more bunnies come to see me for portraits - they were such a fun treat to photograph.

Support local animal charities and have your dog's beautiful Christmas portrait taken at your nearest PetPeople location! Here is the rest of the schedule for photographs, all at local PetPeople stores.

Fri Dec 2 - Clintonville (5:30-8:30)      Sat Dec 3 - Grandview (11-2)     Sun Dec 4 - Powell (11-2);

Fri Dec 9 - Lewis Center (5:30-8:30)      Sat Dec 10 - Dublin (11-2)       Sun Dec 11 - Westerville (11-2)

Hope to see you there!