Dog Fourth of July

A quick hello from Browning Photo on this Fourth of July and a reminder to keep pets inside - fireworks can be scary!

dogs fourth of july

Uno and Chancey are two dogs who loved to dress up. Their mom has an assortment of hats and even wigs to put on them. I couldn't wait to see what she had planned, and they were so good to sit still and look like Uncle Sam. Great job, boys!

Have a safe, fun holiday from all of us at Browning Photo!

Doberman Pinscher Club of Columbus, Ohio

I wanted to say thank you to the Doberman Pinscher Club of Columbus for inviting me to speak at their monthly meeting in August. My presentation was about pet photography and how to take better pictures of their dogs. We had a great turnout and it was fantastic to get such kind feedback about my presentation. Special thanks to president Charlotte Pritt - she chose Browning Photo for portraits of her two Dobes, Mina and Vinnie, earlier this summer and then invited me to talk to the club! I'd never thought about doing something like this, so it was neat to do something different but still related to pet photography.

For anyone in Columbus-area dog groups, I now have a presentation on how to take better portraits of dogs and would be happy to speak to your group. It was fun and everyone said they learned a lot! I'm always happy to hang out with dog people - they're my favorite breed!

Christmas dogs at home

CJ and Boo are adorable pups. CJ is a four-year-old Bichon Frise and a Boo is a two-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Boo gazed over at his mom while I set up this beautiful portrait in front of the Christmas tree. Look at that sweet face!

dog photography columbus ohio

CJ and Boo's family wanted holiday portraits in their home that included the couch in some way. They told me that CJ and Boo both liked to sit on the back of the sofa and keep watch. Each dog has a regular spot - it's funny that when we went to take their portraits they swapped their usual spots.


What you can't see are the leashes, because although this pair usually hangs out on the back of their couch, for some reason they were too excited to sit still. I had met the family in the pre-consultation in their home a couple weeks prior to the photo shoot so I wasn't a total stranger, but it was still very exciting to have their portraits taken!


These two really love being on the couch, as seen here. Both their leashes were stretched to each side as their owners and I were bribing them like there was no tomorrow with yummy stinky treats and interesting noisy toys. At one point CJ had buried his entire head into my bag of goodies. He probably could have fit inside and would have been content to sniff for hours.


This looks like a studio shot but it was taken in the living room, too. We tried a lot of different techniques to get awesome portraits of this pair.


One last photo to share for now. Boo and CJ's family requested a photo of them looking out the front door. They like to watch for the mailman and bark, naturally. When their mom went to get the mail she spotted them and thought it would make an adorable picture. She emailed me and made sure we could include that. I like that we got their Christmas decor in there - two white polars bear cubs to match the two little white pups.

Ready to schedule your family's lovely Christmas portraits in your own home? Contact me right now - space is limited!

Cbus Top Picks

Super exciting news around these parts - Browning Photo was named #1 Pet Photographer in Columbus!!! The Columbus Dispatch held its inaugural Top Picks awards banquet the other night and I was thrilled to accept the award for its first place in Pet Photography.

dog photography columbus ohio

The banquet was so nicely done. It was held at St. Charles Preparatory School in Bexley. I walked in and couldn't believe the swankiness! I had to take a picture of the ice sculpture.

The uplighting was so well done. The spotlights that looked like stars on the ceiling were so pretty and the bat signal AKA the Cbus Top Picks logo projected onto the ceiling was awesome too!

I'm going chronologically through my photos from my cell phone from that evening and realizing I took more photos of the ice sculpture than of the actual award that I won that has my name on it. Whoops!


There were 115 different categories and the top three businesses in each category were invited to the ceremony. The top business received a plaque with the logo on it. Here is the Pet Photography plaque!

Please excuse the cell phone picture. I thought about taking a proper photo when I got home to post on the blog but I kind of love the cell phone picture because the stars from the ceiling reflect down onto the plaque. Kind of a spur of the moment snapshot that I actually like better!

Thank you so much to the Columbus Dispatch and my wonderful clients who nominated me. I'm still shocked and so thankful for this honor and for the privilege of going into people's homes and creating photographs of their beloved pets.