New puppy

Meet Sophia. She's a rat terrier-Boston terrier mix. She is nine weeks old and already housebroken. She's also just three pounds (although in person she looked about one pound - seriously she is tiny!) so I can't imagine how many potty trips her itty-bitty bladder needs to make in a single day.

sophia all grass 1000w.jpg

Sophia's family has had her for only two weeks but already it's easy to tell she's feeling right at home. We posed for some photographs in the front yard, and Sophia was having a grand old time.


She ran, and she ran, and she ran some more. Then she flopped on her back and wiggled on the grass for a second, then it was time for more running.

columbus dog photography-1

I liked this shot of Sophia taking a rare pause and looking over at me while we see the little girl's legs as she's about to catch Sophia and scoop her up.

We did get a sweet shot of Sophia with her proud big sister. What an adorable pair these two make!

columbus dog photography-2

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52 week challenge: Depth of field

As I wrote about in a previous post, I'm still getting back to normal from the ImagingUSA conference in Nashville. It was such an inspiring trip that left my head filled with ideas that I now have a wish list of a hundred things to try and far too little time to attempt everything! But I'm getting back into the swing of things, and that includes the 52 week pet photography challenge.

This week's theme is Depth of Field, which can mean creating separation between the subject and the background. Colby was flopped over on the floor in her usual "frog dog" position, as we call it, and I had a long lens on my camera that was wide open. If I had had my usual shorter lens on this should would have been impossible because getting anywhere close to her, at floor level, means she'll immediately hop up and lick my face.

columbus dog photos

It's almost like capturing the photo of a wild animal in the Serengeti. Look at that face - she's not exactly a predator, though. This is definitely Colby in her natural state. A rare peek at a hyper beast.

Because I had the aperture wide open I kept Colby's eyes in focus, which kept her nose in focus too. The depth of field goes from about her nose to her ears, and then it gets fuzzier definitely by the point her shoulders start. It causes her reflection in the hardwood to be softer and dreamier too.

Now is time to look at pictures from across the pond! Up next is The Hoof & Hound Photographer covering Lancaster UK. Keep clicking through and you'll wind up back here. Thanks for reading!

Goldendoodle at Highbanks

Sparty is a playful, very obedient two-year-old goldendoodle. He recently moved to Ohio with his family from Florida. He had just a couple cold months up north so this was his first autumn living here. We found a nice spot beside the Scioto River to take a sunset portrait before playtime.

columbus dog photography

His people had never been to Highbanks, so this was a fun adventure for his family and Sparty himself.


They found lots of new spots to let him run, play, and do his favorite activity of all... chasing Frisbees! Notice I didn't write catch Frisbees, but he sure tries his best at chasing them then retrieving them after they've landed. He's such a happy, goofy, active boy. I'm glad his family has a new place to explore with him. I was happy to introduce them to such a nice park like Highbanks!

goldendoodle highbanks 4
goldendoodle highbanks 5

Look at those big paws.

One more - his family loves this black and white shot.

Molly the Yorkie puppy

When I was growing up I wanted a Yorkshire terrier. Badly. I loved their tiny rascally bodies and long silky hair and cute faces. Plus they were pretty close to the Cairn terrier from The Wizard of Oz so that was all my eight-year-old self wanted in life!

columbus dog photography

As an adult I have a poodle but darned if I wasn't so excited to meet this new Yorkshire terrier puppy. Molly is seven months old and is does not have the traditional Yorkie markings. She has white, brown, gray, and black in her body and face. In fact, her body is snow white except her tail, which is completely black. It's very unusual. In fact, her owner said the breeder has asked for Molly back because her markings are so rare and in demand. No way! She's at home now and doted upon. No returning this gal.

Molly joined 10-year-old senior dog Holly, who is also a Yorkie. Holly and Molly! Holly, despite her senior status, was on the MOVE. It was pretty nice weather outside and I was pretty quickly drenched after chasing Holly all over the yard. For an elderly dog and only three pounds with tiny legs she was FAST.

Molly, the puppy, weighs in at a whopping TWO pounds. She was pretty cooperative and stayed in one spot for me when I needed her to. I always have treats with me and I was breaking off my usual small bites to make them go further. After three treats she was finished. I realized that I'm not used to a teeny-tiny Yorkie belly! I tried little bitty broken pieces of treats and she just smelled them and turned away. Must be nice to have that self control around delicious food!


Here is Molly looking up at me. She is so fluffy! She is going to be spayed next week - good luck, Molly! Get well soon.

Dog magazine cover

For a while I've had this idea in the back of my head but had to wait until I'd found the perfect dog and perfect confident pose. It wasn't as easy as I'd thought! Dogs are usually on all fours and (human) models are standing up during their magazine shoots. It's tougher to fill an entire magazine cover with a dog on all fours because they're frankly not as elongated as a Glamazon supermodel!

dog magazine cover

This pup had a great attitude, and was probably easier to work with than a real cover girl human. She gave this big smile and I caught it at just the right angle to fit the shot I envisioned.

The best part of these fun shots like magazine covers or movie posters is coming up with puns or witty fake articles or reviews. I flexed my creative muscle on this - I think my favorite "article" is "Intruder or Mailman? How to spot danger!"

I had this cover in mind mostly due to the title of the magazine - Cosmopawlitan. I have some fun ideas I'm reserving for future clients' magazine covers.

This week on the 52 Week Pet Photography Challenge we're featuring bold colors - check out this take on the theme here: Kim with BARKography on location in Corona del Mar, CA - if you keep clicking through all the blog posts then you'll wind up back here.

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Winnie the Old English Sheepdog

Back in the day, on Saturday nights The Wonderful World of Disney would play a movie introduced by Michael Eisner and featuring that iconic Disney opening. The TV movie that I recorded on our VCR and watched over and over was The Shaggy Dog. I can't recall much of it now, but I do remember that the family's father turned into an Old English Sheepdog. I would imagine it was like Freaky Friday, the canine version, but I just don't remember anything besides that gorgeous Old English Sheepdog.

So of course I was psyched to photograph this sheepdog puppy! This is Winnie, who is a year old. She is excited about EVERYTHING in life, especially people. She's deceptively big, too. She's 60 pounds but looks much larger. It's all that awesome sheepdog hair. Her family swears she is tiny under her big fur coat. Winnie supposedly has chicken legs and looks completely different when she's wet. I'd love to see that! My own dog looks like a rat when she's getting bathed, so I believe it.

Winnie the old english sheepdog

Winnie had been suffering from an upset stomach so she didn't get any treats. We had to make do with a favorite ball and squeak toy to keep her attention. She did great! Winnie is a little camera-shy, if you can believe it from these photographs.

columbus dog photography

Every dog has a 'spot' - that special place that you rub and it makes them stop and savor the moment. My dog's spot is her shoulder blades. She leans into it until she's practically falling over. Winnie cracks me up because she loves getting her bottom scratched. I was rubbing her shoulders and her people told me she loves her back - and her backside - scratched. I was loving on her back and sure enough she turned her rear end right into me. What a funny girl!

columbus dog photography-2

Here's Winnie getting a reassuring hug from mom. I normally don't do black and white photographs of dogs, but this candid sweet moment when we were taking a break lends itself to a documentary feel.

columbus dog photography-3

And here's this silly puppy at sunset. Winnie, my eight-year-old self thanks you for being everything I hoped an Old English sheepdog would be. You are funny and floppy and just as adorable as any dog I've ever seen. I love that you broke free from a pose to run over and give me big wet doggy kisses.

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Dogs at sunset

Meet Samantha and Snoopy. Both lab-pit mixes, these two are the ultimate complementary siblings. Samantha is more independent and Snoopy is more of a love-bug couch-potato snuggler.

columbus dog photography

We met up on a gorgeous fall evening for family photos. I couldn't help but take some dramatic photos of just the two of these dogs. Just look at them in front of this Ohio barn. I love the angle and how the bicentennial logo stretches across the barn.


Boy these dogs are muscular. Not an ounce of fat on them, I don't think. Can you tell what's on my mind as my own dog tipped the scales at the vet last week? Colby needs more walks, fewer treats.


One last photo in the field of purple flowers. I have an arsenal of squeaky toys and such to get that adorable head tilt at just the right second. This was the last photo we took because the light from sunset dropped of very quickly. Great job, Samantha and Snoopy!

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Cockapoo puppy

Tucker is a ball of energy. Oh my goodness, this dog's battery was fully charged and did not drain at all during our two hours together. He was celebrating his first birthday - what better way to commemorate the event than with a personalized photo shoot?

columbus dog photography

Look at that happy face! I see more poodle than cocker spaniel in him.


He's 100% adorable, that's for sure. Of course he dressed up for photos in his dress collar and necktie. LOVE IT!

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