Columbus Dispatch Cbus Top Picks 2018

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We were thrilled to be named the #1 Pet Photographer by the Columbus Dispatch Top Picks for 2018. We’ve had the honor of being your #1 Top Pick in 2016 (which was the inaugural year) and 2017 as well.

cbus top picks

This was the Dispatch’s third year of doing the Top Picks, and it was our third time at the awards ceremony. They put on a very elegant evening at St. Charles Prep every year.

Cbus top picks
Cbus top picks
Cbus top picks

My Uber was really fancy. Ha!

It was a great evening and thank you again to everyone who voted for Browning Photo!!

Bella's Christmas tree

Bella only wanted to play but she paused for a second in front of the tree to let me take her holiday portrait. After that she was right back to important business - squeaky toys!

dog photography columbus ohio

Want your dog photographed in front of the tree? It's not as easy at it looks but I've been lucky to get some lovely holiday portraits of pups at home! Contact me right now!

Cbus Top Picks

Super exciting news around these parts - Browning Photo was named #1 Pet Photographer in Columbus!!! The Columbus Dispatch held its inaugural Top Picks awards banquet the other night and I was thrilled to accept the award for its first place in Pet Photography.

dog photography columbus ohio

The banquet was so nicely done. It was held at St. Charles Preparatory School in Bexley. I walked in and couldn't believe the swankiness! I had to take a picture of the ice sculpture.

The uplighting was so well done. The spotlights that looked like stars on the ceiling were so pretty and the bat signal AKA the Cbus Top Picks logo projected onto the ceiling was awesome too!

I'm going chronologically through my photos from my cell phone from that evening and realizing I took more photos of the ice sculpture than of the actual award that I won that has my name on it. Whoops!


There were 115 different categories and the top three businesses in each category were invited to the ceremony. The top business received a plaque with the logo on it. Here is the Pet Photography plaque!

Please excuse the cell phone picture. I thought about taking a proper photo when I got home to post on the blog but I kind of love the cell phone picture because the stars from the ceiling reflect down onto the plaque. Kind of a spur of the moment snapshot that I actually like better!

Thank you so much to the Columbus Dispatch and my wonderful clients who nominated me. I'm still shocked and so thankful for this honor and for the privilege of going into people's homes and creating photographs of their beloved pets.