The newest Buckeye in the Ohio crate

My husband's family has a highchair that has been used in their family for over 100 years. It's one of those wooden highchairs with the large tray that lifts up for the child to sit in and swings down over him as the parents grab the child's hands to keep them from getting their fingers pinched. There are also no straps - this was the late 1800s! safety was different back then - so the child could just slide down to the floor if he wanted. It's best to use rolled-up towels to barricade the baby in place if the child is a climber. Just ask me how I know this!

That antique highchair has had dozens of children sit in it throughout the decades. This Ohio crate reminds me of that wooden highchair. There have been a number of children in my Ohio crate and hopefully many more to come!

Itty bitty Colin was just seven days old when he had a turn in the Ohio crate. His older brother was born in California but Colin was born here in Columbus so he's a natural-born Buckeye.


I've written before here about this handmade knit hat. It's from a lady in Florida whom I found on Etsy who knits the most darling hats and newborn props. I recently purchased a custom hat for my own son that I was SO excited about and of course he's at the age where he won't sit still for pictures and thinks the hat is a toy that should be immediately removed from his head and flung for Mama to go retrieve. Oh well!


Here is a close-up of sweet sleepy boy Colin in the buckeye hat sitting in the Ohio crate. Welcome to the world, Colin!