It's Christmas time in Columbus

This is one of my favorite holiday photos. It's a picture from last year that I took of Carter, whose newborn picture is one of the most popular shots I've ever taken. Click HERE to see that.

Little Mr. Carter, what can I say? You're just so darn photogenic.

christmas time in columbus

This bucket was something I spotted at the Christmas Tree Shop in Dayton, Ohio, when I was visiting family. I eyeballed it for a few minutes trying to decide if a baby would fit inside - sure enough it was perfect! On a side note, I really wish we had a Christmas Tree Shop here in Columbus because it's filled with neat home decor and potential photo props.

christmas time in columbus2

Carter's family is from Atlanta originally, so they told me about a Santa wonderland that is set up in Bass Pro Shops around the country. One is located in their former Georgia suburb. Of course it's just our luck that we don't have a Bass Pro near us! I'm off to Google the closest one because I want my own family to experience something really cool like that.

These photos look like a studio, but they're actually a portable white backdrop with strands of Christmas lights. I set this up in Carter's mother's living room using my backdrop system with a very long roll of white paper. The setting up took longer than the actual photos.

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