Franklin Park fun

Thaddeus is an awesome little guy. His parents met me at Franklin Park in Columbus for a sweet family session. His parents had a Mary Poppins-type of stroller for him... you couldn't tell it was big enough to store an entire tricycle AND various toys like blocks and a stuffed elephant and snacks, but they started pulling things out and all of a sudden there was a whole tricycle!


Thaddeus' mom perfectly coordinated everyone - normally one wouldn't think checks and stripes go together, but they looked perfect. The green and blue stripes in Mom's sundress go great with the blue and green pattern in the boys' shirts and blue and gray pants.

franklin park fun
franklin park fun2

I love this sweet portrait of Thaddeus taken in the park. He was such a trooper. Cheerios and lots of water helped keep him a happy camper!

franklin park fun3

Here is the stuffed animal that Thaddeus likes. He kept giving his elephant's nose kisses. What a sweet boy. Sometimes props are visual interest, and sometimes they serve a dual purpose as moral support and familiar friend.

franklin park fun4

A squishy kiss is a fun way to capture a memory of a great afternoon. Thaddeus clearly adores his mom and dad.

franklin park fun5

One last sweet picture of Mom and Thaddeus. This is a happy little guy! We're so glad this family chose Browning Photo to document their beautiful family.

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Spring has sprung in Westerville

lewis center family photography

There are some absolutely gorgeous places locally that I love to visit with my photography clients. Inniswood Park in Westerville is a spectacular place to see in spring!

This picture is of a little girl offering a rose. It's one of many statues of children in the park.

One of my favorite parts of Inniswood is the Sisters' Garden. There are many other gardens all within the park, but the Sisters' Garden is such a sweet little area that kids love.

There is a life-sized house and gardens and TONS of flowers. And of course statues of children to welcome their littlest visitors!

Here's another wee visitor among the flowers. These tulips are everywhere!!

spring has sprung in westerville

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Dog: Boy's best friend

A while back I noticed that all of my favorite photographs have a common theme - they show the relationship between family members, whether it is Mom cradling her baby, a sister hugging her brother, or the little ones bonding with their grandparents.

The same is true for furry family members. I love the interaction between people and their pets, so I was more than happy to accommodate Liam's request for his picture taken with his dog, Joey.

This is such a sweet moment between them that almost didn't happen. Joey is a little indifferent to Liam (I have a dog like that myself - one who's only interested in children when they're eating something!) so we had to work fast while Joey held still.


I love this picture of Liam in both color and black and white - it is so hard to choose! I gave both versions to his parents and they can decide. I also added "Puppy Love" as an overlay in Photoshop and gave them the plain version.


It makes me laugh, especially because I know how my own dog is with my child. At one point Liam hugged his dog and declared solemnly, "Joey's my best friend." Meanwhile Joey was scoping out his escape path away from us! It just makes the good pictures of the two of them all the more special.

One last one for now.

His family loves these pictures of them together. It really highlights the dynamic of that relationship.

The classic Radio Flyer little red wagon

Browning Photo has a number of attractive props for you to use in your family portraits. This little red wagon is the classic Radio Flyer and it was actually my own childhood red wagon. It has been sitting in my parents' garage for three decades!

My childhood toy works just fine and the little wear and tear just add character and charm to it. I love the vintage look of this larger real wood wagon as opposed to the metal Radio Flyer wagons that are smaller. I love when I can go prop hunting in my childhood home and come back with a great find like this!

columbus red wagon highbanks

We put this sweet toddler in the little red wagon at Highbanks during the height of the fall foliage. I love the red wagon against the changing leaves. Here is a wide shot of the entire wagon.

classic red wagon wide shot
lewis center boy close-up fall foliage

His sweet little face in this red plaid and the corduroy overalls is just too much for me! This is why fall is my favorite time of year for photography!

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