Cockapoo puppy

Tucker is a ball of energy. Oh my goodness, this dog's battery was fully charged and did not drain at all during our two hours together. He was celebrating his first birthday - what better way to commemorate the event than with a personalized photo shoot?

columbus dog photography

Look at that happy face! I see more poodle than cocker spaniel in him.


He's 100% adorable, that's for sure. Of course he dressed up for photos in his dress collar and necktie. LOVE IT!

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Happy first birthday

I can't believe it's been a year already. Carter has completed his first trip around the sun. I remember how good he smelled and how alert this baby was. At just a few days old he refused to nap and instead wanted to inspect everything that I was doing.

lewis center family photography

I will always love this image. It's a popular one for a reason. Carter's eyes are so piercing and his forehead is wrinkled showing his intensity. It was a pleasure taking your first professional photos, Carter, and I hope we have many more years of photos ahead!