Chrissy the bichon

Chrissy is a feisty little bichon. She has several personality quirks that I find hilarious. In the morning she walks on the winding garden paver stones around the yard so her paws don't get wet on the early morning dew. She looks like a little gymnast on the balance beam as she quickly walks along the pavers with her long tail bobbing behind her as she walks. She also barks very loudly when her mom pets another dog. She's a little jealous! Little diva doesn't like sharing the spotlight.


Her owners were hopeful for cooperation from Chrissy but a little disbelieving that I could take her picture. Pretty soon after I arrived I was down on the wet grass rolling around at Chrissy's level. She had her moments of running away, but that's OK! Chrissy's mom commented that I was very patient. I just think, hey, this is fun! I'm hanging out with a dog - what could be better??


This was an early morning sunrise shoot. I planned the time so we could get the sun at just the right angle in the sky behind Chrissy as she looked up, and it paid off!

A pose in the grass...


I love how her name tag is visible in this portrait.

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Look who wanted to be included

During this maternity shoot I asked Sarah to relax on the bed for some very sweet images of her lovingly gazing at her baby bump. We got a few great shots when through my viewfinder I saw a white blur pop up.

lewis center family dog photography

Yep, little fluffball Maisie wanted to be in the shot. As I've mentioned before, I LOVE when dogs interact with their people. (I would say 'their owners' but that sounds so stuffy or formal. They're family.)  Maisie is a bichon and reminds me a lot of my own dog, who is very curious and needs to investigate everything that I do.

look who wanted to be included

Some dogs feel the need to photobomb a session. At least Maisie faced the camera! I wrote before about a dachshund who showed his rear end to me and refused to turn around. Nothing like getting mooned by a wiener dog!

look who wanted to be included-2

Back to Maisie. She is so sweet and clearly loves people - especially HER people. Look at her getting some fun belly rubbing action from Sarah. After our session was finished I had to take a couple minutes to rub Maisie's belly too.

There's something about little white dogs that draws me to them. My own poodle was brown as a puppy and turned white. Her skin even changes color from pink to black throughout the year. She is part poodle, part chameleon.

My grandparents had a white poodle who chewed bubble gum and loved hamburgers. My husband's family had a white poodle, too. That's why it's so funny to me that our brown poodle turned white. Maybe she knew that we had a tradition of white dogs in the family.

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