Lewis Center beach

One of the fun things about Delaware County is that we're close enough to Columbus to enjoy urban activities but there are so many varied outdoor settings right in our own backyard. Including a beach!


This maternity shoot took place in Lewis Center. Who knew we had a beach? The lake behind Brittany usually has sailboats in summer and model airplanes flying overhead on nice days.

This shoot took place around sunset, known as the golden hour. The light is so warm and flattering at that time.

lewis center beach

It had actually been storming all afternoon so it was a little touch and go as to whether the photo shoot could be held. I was holding my breath all day!

lewis center beach-2

About an hour before we were to meet, the rain stopped and the sun came out again. The silver lining was that we got some amazing clouds! No Photoshopping here, no fake backgrounds. This is 100% Alum Creek.

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Good morning, Galena!

One of the best-kept secrets about Lewis Center - and Delaware County in general - is its lovely beachfront parks. I drove up to Galena, which is north of Lewis Center, for a sunrise shot. The downside was that it really felt like the countryside, so it was very very dark setting up my tripod and getting my camera settings just right. It was worth the 4am wakeup for beautiful pink skies like this!


This dock is so lovely and I always look at those houses on the left in the distance. I bet the view from their homes is amazing.

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