Irish setter

Saydee is an Irish setter who was shown at the Dublin Irish Festival earlier on this day. She got a couple souvenirs too - check out the shamrock next to her dog tags. She also got a new green collar with shamrocks on it. I didn't know the Dublin Irish Festival had a dog show! Saydee's mom was telling me how there are all kinds of Irish breeds invited there. Other than Irish setters and Irish wolfhounds, I couldn't name any others off the top of my head. I was pretty proud just to think of those breeds quickly!

irish setter

After a little scouting I found the perfect spot in Saydee's yard. I wanted the sun just peeking out between the tree branches and I wanted Saydee's lovely face framed by the blue sky and green plants. I love how it turned out! I also love that she has that shamrock on - a little nod to her Irish heritage.

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Coco's adoption anniversary part 2

Click here for the first part of Coco's anniversary portraits!

I have to start with this picture of Coco and her person. (I read someone calling a dog's owner the dog's "person" and I love that phrase now.) Coco was a wee bit rambunctious and I captured a quick moment of them trying to settle down a bit. I love this expression on both their faces. Noses touching, mirroring one another.

Of course I gave the option of color as well as black and white...the contrast for these candids just feels like a documentary photography so I lean toward black and white for those.


Here's Coco's formal portrait. I won't lie, there was bribery. This girl loves her some peanut butter!

coco's adoption anniversary part 2

Look at her eyes pleading for more peanut butter! This girl wants her reward badly. She deserves all of the treats after being such a sweetie pie for me.

coco's adoption anniversary part 2-2

And here Coco settled in for just a second. That was all I needed to get this comical shot of her in the grass. This family had recently moved...and I mean recently! They'd been in their new house for all of 48 hours when we did our photo shoot. They'd been in a different house in Columbus with a tiny backyard, so Coco was living the life in a bigger backyard with lots of room to romp and be a silly puppy.

After photographing four dogs in one weekend, I wound up with so many bug bites and bruises all up and down my legs. But for portraits like this? that their families will enjoy forever? Yep, totally worth the pain. Banged up legs are temporary, but these photographs are a permanent representation of the perfect night in Coco's young life. And I already received the nicest review...

"Lisa was an absolute delight to work with. I was looking for a photographer to click professional pictures of my one-year-old black lab puppy, Coco, to celebrate our first adoptiversary, and I'm glad I chose Lisa! From setting up the date for the shoot to giving ideas for props and advice to prepare for the shoot, she was extremely professional and accommodating. I also appreciate that she took the time before the shoot to get Coco comfortable with her, and lots of treats and encouragement produced the most adorable pictures that we will cherish forever!"

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Coco's adoption anniversary part 1

Coco is about one and a half years old, and she was adopted from the Franklin County Animal Shelter. She is pure ENERGY. Holy cow. What a runner she is. Correction, what a sprinter. She has the most light-footed (light-pawed?) elegant glide in her run. It's like she has springs inside those little legs!

Here's a sign of Coco with her human. It says "What do you mean I'm adopted? I look just like my mommy!" Hilarious!!


Coco is part black lab, part pit bull. She doesn't look like a pit, but she has that white stripe across her chest that indicates pit. Personally I think she could be part gazelle. This dog could leap and bound across the yard like no other.

coco's adoption anniversary

Look at this face! I love that happy look of curiosity and whimsy that only a grinning dog can give. Coco's mom goes all out for Coco's birthday, with a custom dog cake (peanut butter, of course) and party celebrating the birthday girl. And for her adoption anniversary - which she's calling "the first adoptiversary" - she hired a professional photographer to document their awesome bond on a warm summer evening. LOVE that.

coco's adoption anniversary 2

More photos to come! We got some great dramatic lighting for the big night :) Stay tuned!

Baron the rescue dog, part 2

This picture is so dramatic and fun that it deserved its own post. Read Baron part 1 here.


Doesn't he look like a Mighty Dog? It's a sunset so I was facing west and Baron just gave me exactly what I wanted. Baron is a mutt and a rescue, and he was actually afraid of cameras. At one point he got pretty skittish but we worked it out and he turned into one of the best dogs I've worked with. He was such a cooperative dog when treats were involved! The Trader Joe's treats that look like beef jerky are always a hit. The little girl in his family kept sniffing them saying they smelt so yummy. I think she might be part puppy!

baron part 2

Don't make me choose between these two photographs! One, I love for his head in the air like a superhero. This second one I love because his tongue is out and he's smiling for the camera, which his family never expected he would do.

baron part 2-2

Slurp! Peanut butter is delicious!

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Baron the rescue dog

No one is positive what kind of dog Baron is, but boy he is fun and loving. He is such a great dog for these two kids. Just look at this goofy happy grin with his tongue hanging out. LOVE THIS!


Baron was in rescue group and staying with a foster family before his forever family adopted him. The couple who fostered Baron took turns sleeping on the couch with him because he was scared to be by himself when he first got to their house. Eventually he found his way to this fabulous family and just look how joyful he is. He's so happy to be a dog and have these kids draping themselves on him! He has such a playful and sweet disposition. You can tell he loves being a dog.

Here's another sweet picture. This foreheads-touching pose is a favorite of mine for dogs and their people. Sometimes it winds up as noses touching or a big slurpy lick right across the mouth. You never know!

baron part 1

I adore the feel of this candid. I saw a split-second moment where Baron was looking up and relishing being her dog. I love how both their eyes are closed but there's still a connection between them. Usually I prefer outdoor pictures in color, but these felt so timeless and almost had a documentary aesthetic that I had to go black and white. Of course I gave the family the choice between color and black and white, but for me, the contrast is what makes the photograph.

More pictures to come! We had an awesome sunset shot that I can't wait to share. Stay tuned!

Chrissy the bichon

Chrissy is a feisty little bichon. She has several personality quirks that I find hilarious. In the morning she walks on the winding garden paver stones around the yard so her paws don't get wet on the early morning dew. She looks like a little gymnast on the balance beam as she quickly walks along the pavers with her long tail bobbing behind her as she walks. She also barks very loudly when her mom pets another dog. She's a little jealous! Little diva doesn't like sharing the spotlight.


Her owners were hopeful for cooperation from Chrissy but a little disbelieving that I could take her picture. Pretty soon after I arrived I was down on the wet grass rolling around at Chrissy's level. She had her moments of running away, but that's OK! Chrissy's mom commented that I was very patient. I just think, hey, this is fun! I'm hanging out with a dog - what could be better??


This was an early morning sunrise shoot. I planned the time so we could get the sun at just the right angle in the sky behind Chrissy as she looked up, and it paid off!

A pose in the grass...


I love how her name tag is visible in this portrait.

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Maya, the sweetest dog


I had the most wonderful time with this beautiful German shepherd / lab mix named Maya. She is 11 years old and moving a bit slow but what a gorgeous creature she is. Maya was calm enough to go off leash and even walk down the sidewalk calmly. I joked with Maya's owner that my own dog would have been halfway to Columbus hitch-hiking if we let her off the leash!

We did a very early morning photo session so we could get the best light. There was a lot of morning dew and Maya didn't want to sit and get her bum wet. Who could blame her?

We started in the backyard for pictures and by the time we moved to the front of the house and the sun had warmed the grass nicely and we had a happy, comfortable, sweet, gentle Maya looking at the camera, ready to model.

maya the sweetest dog
maya the sweetest dog-3

Look at that face! I made some silly sounds to get her ears perked up.

After all that hard work, Maya got to relax in her favorite spot.

dog photography columbus ohio 2

Look at this dog in front of the fireplace. Is that a Christmas card picture or what?

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Dog or puppy?

Colby is a three year old poodle mix who loves to be outside and explore every bird, squirrel, and rabbit she can spot. She's technically an adult dog but boy she has the energy and curiosity of a puppy. Look at this action shot of Colby in the yard.


Colby is FAST. She is also a sweet dog and loves every creature she encounters - humans, other dogs, and rabbits. Last week, Colby caught a rabbit. After years of whimpering at the back door watching the bunnies in the yard, Colby took off after one. I hear that she cornered it by the fence and caught the rabbit in her mouth and didn't know what to do with it. She let it go almost immediately and the terrified bunny scampered off unhurt.

For Colby it's all about the thrill of the chase.

More pictures of this sweet girl.

dog or puppy
dog or puppy2

I love how these action shots show Colby's ears waving in the air as she runs. Normally they flop down like a cocker spaniel. These ears sticking straight up in the air make her look like a little white bunny rabbit herself.

dog or puppy3

One last one of Colby sprinting a bit faster than I expected right toward me. I shot these with a very long telephoto zoom lens and she ran so fast that I lost track of her for a second!

dog or puppy4

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