Baby sheep birth announcements

These birth announcement cards are new additions to the Browning Photo product lineup and I think they're adorable! Printed as 5x7 cards, these are a sweet way to share baby's big arrival with friends and family.


Columbus twins

They're here!!!

Last fall Sarah and Bill announced to the world their major news in a BIG way. They sent a picture I took to everyone of Liam holding his hands pressed to his cheeks in shock as he displays the sign stating he's about to be a big brother to not one but TWO babies.

And now months have passed - approximately nine months in fact! - and the babies made their arrival into the world just a couple weeks ago. Mom and twins are doing well. I had been thinking about them and was so excited to get the text that they were born! And they wanted me to photograph them again! I just love meeting up with the same families after time has passed. We already know each other and it's fun to see how the kids have grown.


We met in Lewis Center for the announcement photo shoot, and this newborn shoot took place at home in Columbus. I love this silhouette-type shot of the babies in their nursery. The cradle they're in is a family heirloom on their daddy's side. I love that they wanted to incorporate a prop with so much meaning.

Big brother Liam is doing a spectacular job with his new baby brothers, Finn and Oliver. Here Finn is getting a little distressed and Liam comforts him. It actually worked too! He has the soothing touch Finn needed.

columbus twins 1
columbus twins 2

Sarah had darling newborn hats and diaper covers made for this shoot. It went so well with the natural earthy look of the hardwood and the cradle. They're little bears!

columbus twins 3

Boy oh boy these two just did not want to sleep. I do love newborn photos when the babies are alert. I think in a few years - or months - their parents will look at these and see their exact personality in these wakeful images.

I am thrilled that I got to meet the twins and capture some lovely portraits for this family. Want your family portraits taken in your own home? Contact Browning Photo right now for a custom session.

Baby bunting birth announcements

Our latest birth announcement design for newborns. I love the colorful banner and the whimsical polka dot background.


This design is two-sided so it is printed on both sides of a 5x7 card. These come in packs of 25 with envelopes. I love there there's room for one big picture on the front and two smaller images on the back so the whole family can be included.

Want to order your own custom birth announcements? Contact me now!

Onesie birth announcements

I've been adding more products to the Browning Photo store, and little Colin makes another appearance as I created this birth announcement for his proud parents.


Browning Photo has three birth announcement designs to choose from, and this particular design is two-sided. It is printed on 5x7 press cards and comes with envelopes. All of baby's birth statistics are custom-printed on the back of the card and you can choose which favorite photo of your child will appear on the front of the card.

Extreme Makeover: Newborn Edition

One of the great things about modern photography is that digital photography allows us to take a ton of pictures and see them almost instantly on the little screen on the back of the camera or on your cell phone. So you'd think that professional photography is just pointing the camera and clicking the shutter button, and voila! Perfect image. That's just not the case.

Cell phones and basic digital cameras take pictures and save them as JPEG files, which are then ready to email or post online or be printed. Professional photographers shoot in RAW format, which then needs to be developed using software. A JPEG processes the scene in front of you as you see it and takes its best guess at exposure and color levels, while RAW is capturing zillions of bits of information and saving the pixels in its memory, allowing us to tell the information exactly how it should look. The benefit of RAW is that it allows SO much more to be done with the image. An example? You really love the Adele song "Rolling in the Deep" so you buy her CD or download that specific song and play it on your iPod. Sounds great! But what if you go to an Adele concert in person and she sings "Rolling in the Deep" better and richer and more soulful than you've ever heard it on the radio or on the album. That's like JPEG vs. RAW for us photographers. The JPEG will be ready fast, but the RAW will be so much better for actual quality of the image.

Changing to shooting in RAW was the best thing I've ever done for my photography, but the big drawback is that it requires post-processing in either Lightroom or Photoshop. A single image may take me 15 minutes to get perfect, or it may take me HOURS. Modern digital processing is amazing and because it is RAW, it allows me to completely transform an image.

I have to confess, I really really love Photoshop. And not just for taking wrinkles off my own pictures! It's a fabulous tool for taking splotches off newborns. And remember what I said above, that JPEGs guess at the details but RAW is just basic information that needs to be developed? Look at the RAW below, which is dull and dark and grayish - that's how a RAW always looks unprocessed.

This is Carter. He's a handsome little fella that I got to hold on his first day of life (reminding me that babies smell SO good when they are born!). We did some candid photos in the hospital and we also did a newborn session on about day five of his brand-spankin'-new life. Unlike most newborns, Carter just didn't want to snooze! That was fine because we got some fantastic images with his eyes open. Sweet Carter with the wonderful smelling head had some blotchiness going on, which is typical for a newborn. Oftentimes wee ones can have flakes and peeling and scratches, which is easy enough to clean up thanks to the magic of Adobe Photoshop.

The level of retouching that someone would like done is always a guess, and I think it's always better to err on the side of caution. No one wants to look plastic, after all. I think he looks real but perfect.

Our Before image was in need of exposure adjustment, color correction, redness reduction, and spot treatments.

Our Before image was in need of exposure adjustment, color correction, redness reduction, and spot treatments.

This happens to be Carter's mother's very favorite picture of him. She says that you can see the whole world through his eyes.

Newborn: Carter

This little guy amazes me. He was only five days old when I took his newborn photos and look at the expression on his face. He's either an old soul or thoroughly unimpressed with me - I can't decide which. Look at those forehead wrinkles! He was so sweet and patient but Would. Not. Sleep. It worked out great regardless!

Carter's parents are pretty new to Columbus and new to Ohio, having moved here from Atlanta. Welcome to the world, our newest little Buckeye!