Coco's adoption anniversary part 1

Coco is about one and a half years old, and she was adopted from the Franklin County Animal Shelter. She is pure ENERGY. Holy cow. What a runner she is. Correction, what a sprinter. She has the most light-footed (light-pawed?) elegant glide in her run. It's like she has springs inside those little legs!

Here's a sign of Coco with her human. It says "What do you mean I'm adopted? I look just like my mommy!" Hilarious!!


Coco is part black lab, part pit bull. She doesn't look like a pit, but she has that white stripe across her chest that indicates pit. Personally I think she could be part gazelle. This dog could leap and bound across the yard like no other.

coco's adoption anniversary

Look at this face! I love that happy look of curiosity and whimsy that only a grinning dog can give. Coco's mom goes all out for Coco's birthday, with a custom dog cake (peanut butter, of course) and party celebrating the birthday girl. And for her adoption anniversary - which she's calling "the first adoptiversary" - she hired a professional photographer to document their awesome bond on a warm summer evening. LOVE that.

coco's adoption anniversary 2

More photos to come! We got some great dramatic lighting for the big night :) Stay tuned!

Baron the rescue dog

No one is positive what kind of dog Baron is, but boy he is fun and loving. He is such a great dog for these two kids. Just look at this goofy happy grin with his tongue hanging out. LOVE THIS!


Baron was in rescue group and staying with a foster family before his forever family adopted him. The couple who fostered Baron took turns sleeping on the couch with him because he was scared to be by himself when he first got to their house. Eventually he found his way to this fabulous family and just look how joyful he is. He's so happy to be a dog and have these kids draping themselves on him! He has such a playful and sweet disposition. You can tell he loves being a dog.

Here's another sweet picture. This foreheads-touching pose is a favorite of mine for dogs and their people. Sometimes it winds up as noses touching or a big slurpy lick right across the mouth. You never know!

baron part 1

I adore the feel of this candid. I saw a split-second moment where Baron was looking up and relishing being her dog. I love how both their eyes are closed but there's still a connection between them. Usually I prefer outdoor pictures in color, but these felt so timeless and almost had a documentary aesthetic that I had to go black and white. Of course I gave the family the choice between color and black and white, but for me, the contrast is what makes the photograph.

More pictures to come! We had an awesome sunset shot that I can't wait to share. Stay tuned!

Family slideshow

A few months ago I posted pictures from a newborn lifestyle session in my clients' home. They were a delight to work with, and so darned photogenic! I can't believe I forgot to post this slideshow that I create for each of my sessions.

I do have slideshows set to music, but for a couple of reasons I'm leaving the music off. First, no one wants music to start playing unexpectedly when they're visiting a website. (Music always seems to start blaring when the kids have just fallen asleep or when the boss strolls by.) And more practically, I have uploaded this to YouTube, which doesn't always play nice with music, even when I have the licensing to use it. Go figure!

Here it is. I love revising these pictures again. What a lovely family, through and through.

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Jax, the rambunctious dog

Jax is one rambunctious dog. Oh, did I say dog? I meant PUPPY. This dog is pure energy. Long gangly legs, happy disposition, and an adorable curiosity for everything. What a funny little (ok, big) boy he is. Jax is a one-year-old black lab and was SO patient when clearly he wanted to run.

Jax's owners have a dog trainer working with him and I'm pretty sure I set back his progress a few lessons. I wasn't exactly discouraging him jumping on me and giving me doggie hugs and kisses.


Who's a good boy? Jax is a good boy!

I just can't take any more of his smooth fur and those big eyes just begging to play. I'll admit it - I asked to watch Jax if his owners go on vacation. They just met me for the first time today so they probably won't take me up on it, but I would do it!

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Newborn session with older sibling

To see the earlier blog post about this session click HERE.

I had so much to say about Ryan that I needed a Part II! I love little boys anyway, but this one especially grabbed my heart. He has so much personality. I almost can't handle his sweet and rambunctious nature. So much energy!!


When his mom was tending to his newborn brother during our long session, Ryan took a break for lunch and I had the chance to grab some sweet portraits in the kitchen. Here he is with his Grandpa in the background. What an expression!


His mother, Jessica, didn't know that I had taken these shots of him until our ordering session. She kept smiling at this picture of him eating his green bean saying, "That's Ryan! That is Ryan!"


Jessica's mother said I totally captured Ryan's personality in this shot with his green bean. It's so good to hear that!

Here is Ryan with baby Colin. He's not so sure about his little brother.


Newborn session at home

Congratulations to Jessica and Nick, big brother Ryan, and their entire family on their new addition, Colin!


I was lucky enough to spend a warm Sunday morning with this family a few weeks ago. Their newborn was just seven days old and boy, he is a wee one! Jessica looks absolutely amazing for having just given birth, doesn't she? I'm so impressed that she was not only up and about but also so game for this newborn session.

The first thing I do for these newborn sessions is take off my shoes at the front door and ask where the sink is to wash my hands. No outside germs for the itty-bitty clients!

Then I always take some time at the beginning of any session in a client's home to check out the best spots for photos. I'm looking at the direction of light, the brightness of the rooms, furniture placement (and possibilities to rearrange if needed), and what artistic interest I can create in their family portraits.


For instance, in this picture I liked that their sectional couch coordinated with their outfits. I noticed how I could set up the shot with the kitchen with the fresh roses in the background. I turned everyone at an angle on the couch facing the windows, so I could show the hallway in the background leading out from the scene. I also saw the staircase as visual interest (known as leading lines in art - it helps draw the eyes through the entire picture; here it's like a huge arrow saying 'Look at this beautiful family!').

One of my favorite shots of any family is the bird's eye view. I try for interesting angles in photography to create more visual interest. Throughout our day we see people from our own vantage point five to six feet off the ground. Standing overhead looking down with a family's heads clustered together makes for a different and intimate shot.


You might think that we were in a room with a large window on a sunny afternoon, but it was completely dark outside and we just used Jessica's smile to light the scene. Pretty good for a midnight session, right? (Of course I'm kidding, but seriously, she could do toothpaste commercials!)

Another bird's eye view. Colin wasn't so thrilled by this point. I have added another shot below where he's rubbing his eyes. Sleepy little fella!

Jessica was game for anything, which was so fun.

Open all the blinds? Sure.

Move around furniture? Absolutely!

Stick her baby in a bucket for a picture? Let's do it! (That will come in a later post. I love putting babies in wooden crates for pictures.)


I could just gaze at these images all day. Colin is so relaxed and Jessica looks amazingly well-rested and calm for having two small children.


Speaking of two children! Ryan got involved in the action too. The shot above shows off newborn Colin while Ryan grins at his grandmother off-camera. The photo below is a darling sweet shot of the three of them. Again, Jessica looking so serene.


When we talked on the phone for our pre-session consultation, Jessica mentioned that her parents might be around the house watching their older son while we photographed the newborn. I asked Jessica - if Grandma and Grandpa are planning to be there, why not have a big family picture?

One of the most surprising and wonderful joys of being a parent is seeing the pleasure my own parents take in spending time with my child. It's fun and rewarding to see my son learn and thrive in the world, and it's so much sweeter to see my family enjoy my little one too.

Jessica not only got her parents but also her husband Nick's parents ready for this at-home session. After just a few minutes with them it was apparent how close-knit this family is.


I'm so glad that everyone was available to come into town on this beautiful day to visit with the baby. Everyone was excited about family portraits and looked fantastic.


More grandparent love! They look so proud and happy with Ryan and Colin. I love how everyone coordinates without being too matchy-matchy - a blue scarf on Grandma, blue jeans and blue stripes for the boys, white tops and dark accents... I could go on and on. They really brought their A-game!

Thank you so much to Nick, Jessica, Ryan, Colin, and both sides of their families for letting Browning Photo capture this special day. Congratulations again!