Easter pet photos

We had an amazing weekend at PetPeople! In a three day period we visited four stores and saw some familiar faces who returned for spring portraits and lots of new faces too. Big dogs, little dogs, dogs of all shapes and colors - it was great!

columbus dog photography

Ziggy is a big boy but surprisingly not as heavy as he looks. He has a TON of hair! I reached out to touch him expecting to pet him, and I swear that my hand was engulfed in fur up to my wrist before I felt his body. Ha!

Easter pet photos

Agnes the bulldog was a huge hit! Our volunteers from Central Ohio Pit Savers said this photo looks like the old commercial featuring Cadbury Easter bunny try-outs. Look at that face with those bunny ears!!

Easter pet photos 2

This crew is such a trip. They are so well behaved and do exactly what they're told even when there's so many distractions like other dogs and customers shopping in the store. I asked their owner to please come train my dog. It was amazing to watch her with these dogs, especially the puppy (the one sitting in the basket).

Easter pet photos 3

Maybe one of the biggest clowns we saw, Olaf is a Samoyed who had this same smile on his face in every single shot. It was almost too much cuteness for me to handle!

A huge THANK YOU goes to everyone who brought in dogs for Easter portraits; the volunteers from Rescued Ohio, Canine Collective, and Central Ohio Pit Savers; and of course PetPeople for hosting us!

Dog in bunny ears

Hoppy Easter from Colby!

best pet photographer columbus ohio

We are getting ready for spring photos at Pet People and I needed to make a nice promo photo to show the backdrop I will be using.

Colby is wearing her new Easter bunny costume. She kept shaking off the hoodie, which has bunny ears on it, but I finally got her to sit for one second and look angelic and perky and sweet. My best photo of my own dog to date! It only took several thousands of pictures to get a good one of her.

We will be at four PetPeople locations between April 7-9. A portion of proceeds goes to local animal rescues to help homeless pups get into their fur-ever homes. We love to do this! We have bunny ears for the dogs and various spring-themed props. It'll be adorable!

Dog in the cat tower

Karmen is a regular at PetPeople. She was entertaining everyone with tricks and I turned to grab my camera. I turned back to snap a picture of her and didn't see her! Where was Karmen?

dog photography columbus ohio

I have never seen anything like this. What an acrobat - Karmen climbed the tower with the greatest of ease.

I was talking to an employee later and loved her comment on this photo - "PetPeople's cat towers are so nice even dogs love them!"

Here's another shot of Karmen being hilarious. She can weave in and out of her owner's legs and do all kinds of agility moves. I'd actually photographed Karmen dock diving a long time ago and didn't realize it! She certainly gets around town!

dog in the cat tower 1

Karmen backed herself up to the cash register and stood on her front legs and scooted back further against the counter. I love this look she's giving me, like "What, isn't this completely normal?"