Ohio German shepherd

Dax is a sweet boy who wanted *attention*! He had a good time running around the yard and having fun on a warm spring evening. When the camera came out, he turned on the charm.

dog photography columbus ohio

I only wish the sun had come out! It was cloudy and threatened rain all day long and then in the afternoon as I arrived the sun was shining for all of two minutes. It hid behind those clouds on the right of the picture and never came out again. Luckily I always bring lights to create a beautiful portrait in any kind of natural light. Dax looks so regal here, making this a favorite shot of him with his ears up and mouth smiling. Good boy!

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More dog at the lake

I wrote before about Tank here. Tank is an eight-year-old German Shepherd dog who LOVES tennis balls. It was a priority to get tennis balls in his portraits. Tank was a rescue dog whose original owner didn't want to administer the twice-daily eyedrops he needs for his eye condition, so he went into a rescue organization and wound up with his family. His parents say Tank is their heart, and I believe it. This dog is so smiley and goofy and sweet. And his eyes are just fine now, except for needing eyedrops. Luckily he has devoted people to share his good heart with.

german shepherd ohio

Here Tank decided to take a little break and lie down. He peeked over at me to inspect what I was doing and I caught this expression.

german shepherd columbus ohio

A fully body shot with the beautiful lake shimmering behind him.

dog columbus ohio

Tank never let his tennis ball get too far away. It's almost like a "Hidden pictures" puzzle to see where his tennis ball is in each shot!

dog lewis center ohio

Did someone say BALL? What a playful boy. Visit his family's very favorite picture of him HERE. I added that to my portfolio and I doubt it will ever come out, I love Tank and that portrait so much!

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Dog at the lake

For this week on the 52 week pet photography challenge, we're all doing backlit images, which means the main source of light is on the other side of the subject from the camera. What's the most powerful source of light possible? Yep, the sun!

pet photography columbus ohio

Tank is a handsome German Shepherd dog. His family booked me in November, patiently waiting for spring to get this type of portrait. The wait was worth it! We went out a few weeks ago to my super-secret lake location. They actually live only a couple miles from here and had no idea it exists. I've sworn them to secrecy so it stays a local hidden gem.

Tank had never been around water, so it was such a treat to see him react to the lake. He was pretty hesitant at first, then after a few minutes he started tentatively flicking at the water with his nose, and then he started bouncing and splashing! It was ADORABLE. What a special memory.

Tank's parents now have this image on a large piece of metal wall art to adore of Tank's perfect spring day forever. I love how he was so happy and how he looked right at me for that split second. My husband was my helper on this afternoon and had rolled the ball back into the shot, where it's lined up perfectly between Tank's legs. This has to be one of my favorite images I've ever taken. Thank you for being so handsome, Tanky!

dog portraits columbus ohio

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Stay tuned for more photographs from Tank's lakeside session. I have a lot to say about this amazing dog and the fun afternoon we shared. UPDATE: Click here to see more Tanky photos!

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German shepherd puppy up for adoption

This handsome boy is up for adoption at the Franklin County Animal Shelter. What a winning grin! And look at those pearly white teeth! He's either very young or has been brushing and flossing diligently. I usually photograph more than a dozen dogs during an afternoon at the animal shelter and there are so many different looks and personalities that it's hard to feature just one pup! But for time's sake, here's this beautiful German shepherd.

animal shelter columbus ohio

As anyone would expect, the personalities of the dogs at the animal shelter run the gamut - some are unsure, some are downright frightened, some are in pain recovering from surgery, some are suspicious of my camera or standing on a white plastic backdrop in front of a strange light. This handsome pup kept giving me the best smile, and when one ear went up at the sound of the squeaker, I knew it was going to be an awesome shot! I removed the person standing to his left (at the right of this photo) and his leash and the treats scattered around the mat in front of his paws. He had some eye goobers that got cleaned up in Photoshop, but that's standard treatment. The rest is just natural beauty. I doubt he will be in the shelter long because he is seriously loveable!

Marysville dog photography

If you've read back to other posts in my blog you know that I love boxers. I love their faces and their sweet disposition. I get very excited when I spot a boxer around town. My husband, on the other hand, loves German shepherds. He's totally smitten. The stars aligned when we met Valerie at Wag Fest and were so excited when she told us about her boxer and her German shepherd--Rocky, the old man, and Setimo, the younger brother. Valerie wanted to schedule a session at home in a familiar setting. She and her husband live in Marysville so it was a bit up the road from Columbus but I was more than happy to make the dogs feel more comfortable. Meet the sweetheart boxer, Rocky.

columbus dog photography

When I told Valerie the shot I wanted to take, I said 'Now let's get one of you snuggling your boyfriend.' Her husband laughed and said yep, that's what she calls him.

rocky the boxer-1

Maybe one of my favorite pictures I've taken in a long time. I love her crinkled nose and eyes because I do the same thing when I'm not sure where doggie kisses are going to land! It's the look of happiness and the connection between these two that totally makes this photograph.

Okay, enough about Rocky. I have to give Setimo some love because look at this handsome boy hamming it up for the camera.

rocky the boxer-2
rocky the boxer-3

Look at this good looking crew! As we were in position for this shot, their little neighbor who's just three years old started excitedly shouting their names to get their attention. It was really cute, and what well-behaved dogs to work through the distractions.

rocky the boxer-4

Another shot of sweet Rocky. His people love that bubble hanging off his jowl in this picture. I had thought of taking it out in post-processing of the photos but decided against it. I'm glad I left it in. They were delighted with this shot and said that's completely Rocky.

rocky the boxer-5

Finally, this was a shot I did in the middle of their living room. I love how it turned out. Rocky and Setimo were so cooperative and I'm thrilled that their humans love the photos.

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Czar the German Shepherd

I've photographed German Shepherds before, but none as totally focused and alert and ready to model as Czar. He is still a puppy too! Well technically he's an adult at one and a half years old, and his ears are up so he has reached adulthood, but other than his ears he still looks like a sweet pup to me.

I find it fascinating that German Shepherds' ears are floppy and the ends folded down until they are toward the end of their puppyhood or when they are finished teething. The way my poodle chews, I think she still may be teething at age three - but her ears are always floppy so there's no way of telling with poodles. I like the GSD for their unparalleled focus on getting the job done, whether that's searching for someone to rescue, finding contraband, or just plain modeling for a camera.

columbus dog photography

Here is Czar looking awesome at sunset. I pointed where I wanted him and he trotted over, got into place, and all I needed was one shot. Perfect! I never get that lucky. It was the German Shepherd in him. My husband saw this portrait and wanted to hear all about Czar and then proceeded to tell me how much he loves GSDs and wants one. I might want one after working with this good boy!

Maya, the sweetest dog


I had the most wonderful time with this beautiful German shepherd / lab mix named Maya. She is 11 years old and moving a bit slow but what a gorgeous creature she is. Maya was calm enough to go off leash and even walk down the sidewalk calmly. I joked with Maya's owner that my own dog would have been halfway to Columbus hitch-hiking if we let her off the leash!

We did a very early morning photo session so we could get the best light. There was a lot of morning dew and Maya didn't want to sit and get her bum wet. Who could blame her?

We started in the backyard for pictures and by the time we moved to the front of the house and the sun had warmed the grass nicely and we had a happy, comfortable, sweet, gentle Maya looking at the camera, ready to model.

maya the sweetest dog
maya the sweetest dog-3

Look at that face! I made some silly sounds to get her ears perked up.

After all that hard work, Maya got to relax in her favorite spot.

dog photography columbus ohio 2

Look at this dog in front of the fireplace. Is that a Christmas card picture or what?

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