Holiday pet portraits with kids

I wanted to share some adorable photos from PetPeople when families brought in children to pose with their dogs and cats. Often the children were so much easier to work with than the dogs, but you never know what you're going to get!

columbus dog photography

Older kids like these girls are so fun because they are clearly in the Christmas spirit and love their dog but they're still big enough to wrangle him - and to add reindeer antlers!


Zeke is pure puppy. Look at that face! Enjoy your first Christmas, Zeke. These boys clearly adore their pup.


This little girl has the most beautiful eyes and the most angelic little face. I love how she and the dogs are all posing exactly the same!


And sometimes the whole family got in on the action! Here we had mom, dad, baby girl, cat, and dog. On the sign-up sheets, we had everyone fill out their names and a description of their pets so we could keep track of who everyone was (to accurately fill in the names on the holiday sign later). This dad wrote - on the "Color and Breed" portion of our sheet - 'Black Persian, Brown Chihuahua, and pink human.' My husband got a huge kick out of that as he was checking people in.

So many people were hilarious as they interacted with their dogs and children for photos. We had a fabulous time and are so glad PetPeople invited us to capture a little piece of holiday fun for Columbus families. Happy New Year!