Project 52: Week 43 Unusual

I am excited for this week's Halloween-y theme: Unusual, simply because I want to see what everyone else came up with! Colby got groomed this weekend and it's not the norm. Usually I do it myself but our schedule has been hectic since fall is our busiest season, so I made her an appointment with a groomer nearby.

dog photography columbus ohio

Usually Colby is extremely uncooperative when I groom her about once a month. She hates being in water. She hates me toweling her off. She hates the blow dryer. She hates nail trims and haircuts and having her armpits shaved and having the pads of her feet trimmed. I hope she was a little more cooperative for the groomer than for me.


Colby got a little Halloween bow for her collar. Cute! Usually she's a naked dog around the house and our fenced-in backyard but I left her collar on a little longer so we could enjoy her bow.


This is the face of a dog who knows she can get away with just about anything.


What's unusual about this week's photos is that she was sleeping! I can never get a photo of her asleep because she always opens her eyes when I come near her.

She was nodding off with her head still up watching what I was doing with the camera. Her eyelids started getting heavy and her chin started lowering down and then she'd gently startle awake again.

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