Yorkie in Autumn

Mira is a tiny senior Yorkshire terrier who loves to lick and be snuggly. Mira's mom decided to have autumn portraits taken in their favorite spot. They hike here often and it's a hidden gem for sure.

dog photography columbus ohio

Mira did a great job! She walked all over and listened when we called to her. She stayed nicely and perked up when we needed her to.


Mira loves wearing her sweater! Want lovely autumn portraits of your best friend? I'd love to hear your ideas! Contact me now.

Backyard running action shots

Colby was scratching at the back door and on my way to let her out I spotted my camera bag. I grabbed it and some treats since it was a beautiful evening for some quick action shots.

dog photography columbus ohio

Normally Colby's ears hang straight down and she tends to look a little sad. I love when her ears catch the wind.


Here those ears are straight up!


And I just have to include this because she looks like she did as a little puppy despite being four years old. Hopefully she'll stay forever young!

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Ohio autumn dog portraits

There are so many words to describe Brixy. Just look at this first picture - one glance at her face will tell you everything you need to know about this character. That expression on her face is priceless!

dog photography columbus ohio

Brixy is a seven-month-old sweet, silly, curious, bouncy, animated, fun goldendoodle. If you can believe it, she's only about 30 pounds. She's all hair!


Her family made sure her bouffant was perfectly coiffed for her autumn portrait session with me.


In our planning session, we sat down and talked about wardrobe and clothing options. These two followed my advice to a tee. Long sleeves, layers, colors that complement each other, neutral tones. They did their homework and came prepared! I think this is one of the only photos where Brixy didn't have her tongue hanging out of her mouth. This is one happy-go-lucky puppy!


Oh there's that tongue again! She can't help but make people smile. Some people in the park were stopping to watch Brixy and asking to pet her. Brixy went to doggie daycare the day before our session and was worn out. I can't imagine her boundless energy without that daycare session in advance. She was a blast to photograph!

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Franklin County Deputy Woody K. Nine

I wrote previously about the newest recruit to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, Woody K. Nine. Woody's handler, Lt. D'Ericco, is clearly proud of his new partner. Could Woody be any cuter?

dog portraits columbus ohio

Woody starts training soon and will work hard for the next year to learn to be a therapy dog. Because he is a doodle puppy (an Australian goldendoodle) he doesn't shed, which is helpful so even people will allergies can be around him.


Woody was a perfect gentleman and so happy to get his portraits made. The Ohio barn looks so all-American for this little guy. In this shot it's impossible to tell that his handler was standing right next to him holding his leash.


One other shot of these two, in a classic black and white.


This was an outtake - look at this little guy taking a BIG BIG yawn. So sleepy! Nothing's better than a warm sleepy puppy.

Thanks for reading and I wish these partners all the best in their years of service ahead of this. Woody will be out in the community doing good work and we thank him and can't wait to see him helping our friends and neighbors!

If you're thinking about a portrait session of your dog, I'd be happy to speak to you about capturing beautiful memories to cherish forever. Contact me now!

Belgian shepherd at Sunrise

Oh what a beautiful morning! Meet Master, an amazing all-black boy.

dog photography columbus ohio

Look at this gorgeous creature! Master is two years old and was born in Italy. His family has had many Belgian shepherds over the years. It's their favorite breed, and I see why they enjoy Master so much. He's super high energy but quick to listen to commands. His owner said they're just neat dogs -- agreed!


Master looks right at home amongst this field of wildflowers. His owner said this was the best test of his obedience lessons since we had him holding long sits and stays. A couple times I had a toy or treat out and he couldn't contain himself and charged! I was looking in my camera those times and suddenly I see this big black blur hurl right into me. It's like the sideview windows on cars say - Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear!

Master's owner (his master?) and I were talking about black dogs and she was glad to have photos of him that show him off, since black dogs can sometimes be a challenge in photography. I always use professional portable lighting, even outdoors and even in full sunshine, to make sure black dogs get the best portrait possible!

Are you interested in having your black dog photographed like Master? I'd love to speak to you! Contact me here.

Franklin County Sheriff's Office K9 therapy puppy

Look at the latest addition to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office - meet Woody K. Nine! Woody is a 10-week-old Australian labradoodle and couldn't be sweeter or more curious to explore everything in sight.

dog photography columbus ohio

He loves his pal Deputy Mattis K. Nine, who will serve as a great example for this little guy as he grows. Here are Mattis' portraits, a Browning Photo exclusive. Little Woody here will start training soon to earn his badge and will eventually raise his right paw to be sworn in as a therapy dog for the FCSO.


Here is Woody with his (human) deputy partner, who is clearly smitten with this little guy.


He is a silly wiggly little puppy and couldn't be cuter. Stay tuned for more Woody!

Woody is such a trooper (excuse the pun) because he worked hard on his portraits. We met in the evening during the golden hour, which is a beautiful time of day for portraits. This week in the 52 Week pet portrait challenge is Golden Hour, so be sure and check out more pet portraits from around the world. Up next is Nancy Kieffer Photography, serving Central New York, the Adirondacks and beyond.  Be sure to click through and you'll wind up back here.

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Standard poodles in garden

Sabine, a 12-year-old black standard poodle, and her little sister Winnie, a 6-year-old white standard poodle, met me for a sunrise photo shoot at a park near their home. I hadn't been to this park in several years and this section was completely new to me. Look how great they did!

dog photography columbus ohio

This will be a new favorite spot for me, in large part thanks to how much Sabine and Winnie made this a fun adventure. From the lavender to the big flower beds to the gazebos and tree-lined lanes, this was a gorgeous location that suited these gorgeous dogs.

Sabine is the more serious dog and Winnie is the clown. When we met for their consultation, Sabine sniffed me hello and then sat across the room and stared me down for a while. Winnie climbed up on the couch next to me, flopped back onto my lap and looked up at me with a big smile, eagerly awaiting belly rubs. She is a ham! Meanwhile Sabine is pure poodle elegance. They were both picture-perfect.

Thanks for reading! Thinking about a garden setting for your own dogs? Contact me now! I'm happy to talk to you about your own dogs' portrait session.

Dog at the ballet

Oh my goodness, where to begin with this photo shoot? Bentley is a two-year-old rescue dog who is a lot mastiff, a little pitbull, and 100% lovebug. His mom contacted me because they've been together one year and she wanted a photo shoot to celebrate how much they've been through. Bentley had a rough start to life and has found himself a happy home with a loving mom.

From the moment we met, Bentley was all about giving me excited kisses. I love that! Licking doesn't bother me one bit. Bentley's mom had to pull him down a few times because he's agentle giant who was too happy to jump right up and say hi!

dog photography columbus ohio

There's nothing better than when a client comes to me with a vision for their dog's photo shoot and asks if I can execute it. Here, the idea was a black and white themed type of shoot, with the two of them getting ready to go to a black tie gala. I predicted that Bentley would look debonair just being himself, and his mom looked AMAZING in that little black dress and dressy high heels with the ribbon criss-crossing the ankles. More on those shoes in a second....

bentley and the blonde

Taking a minute to snuggle and comfort Bentley as he got a little stressed. He did so well! He just needed a second to regroup.


A sweet embrace!


Speaking of criss-crossed ribbons on shoes... A fast change and we're into ballerina mode! Bentley was so patient as we got this shot set up. In our consultation, his mom mentioned she loves Degas and ballet dancers and does ballet herself. I LOVED her idea of putting some ballet shoes into the shot. Even better that she wanted a shot where she's en pointe!


Beautiful boy was so cooperative that he let us drape the ballet shoes around his neck...but just for one shot! Luckily it worked. A split second later he was out of there to take a break.


One final shot for Mr. Bentley. We switched out backdrops and I knew he's look wonderful against the dark gray. We wound up with SO many shots that it was hard to choose my absolute favorites for this blog post.

All of these shots were taken in Bentley's own house! I came to his place with a lot of equipment and lights and a wagon full of stuff, and we achieved his mom's vision for a ballet / black tie gala kind of look in his own home. Bentley is a special boy and I'm so glad they picked Browning Photo to celebrate their first adoptiversary. May there be many happy years ahead to the two of them!

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