50th anniversary family portraits

Look at these happy folks! They're celebrating Bill and Diana's 50th wedding anniversary and wanted photographs taken at the Scioto Mile in downtown Columbus.

family photography scioto mile

After just a few minutes with this family I had a feeling they would be game for something a little silly. We had a practice run on the count of three where everyone except the couple of honor would do something celebratory. They didn't even need a trial run because they are a hoot! One take was all they needed to look awesome. I LOVE how into it the guys in the back row got.


With eleven people we had so many combinations of people - here are just the adult siblings with their wonderful parents.


We had to get creative with locations because due to their celebration dinner at 5pm, they needed photos at 3pm - right at the harshest time of day in summer. I always use portable professional lighting, which helps combat the sun and achieve a lovely group portrait. This little alcove with the sun behind them and flowers surrounding them worked great!


Here's the happy couple of honor. They are cute as can be and once Diana started laughing she couldn't quit! It was a joy to photograph this family. Thinking of having your own group photographed at the Scioto Mile? I'd love to create beautiful family portraits for you. Contact me now!