Winona School of Photography


Just got back home after a week at the annual Winona School of Photography in Indianapolis. It was a fabulous time and felt like we were at camp. I was lucky enough to stay in the sorority house with 11 immensely talented women and we had a blast. I'm already signed up for next year and can't wait to go back!

I'm here with Ms. Winona, Kristy Steeves. Kristy was crowned queen on our first day because she wrangled six new photographers to enroll at the school - I was one of them! She told me a couple months ago that Winona is her favorite week all year, and now I see why.

winona school of photography

I'm not a wedding photographer at all, so photographing a bride and groom was so different for me. Since I photograph dogs outdoors all the time, when we had our choice of photographing this couple indoors or out, I immediately wanted to take them outside for some shots! Thanks to Studio66LLC in Cincinnati for this behind the scenes shot. Vickie told me afterward that she had grabbed a shot of me on the ground and said "Don't worry your hair looks good." I said "Well that's the most important thing!"

winona school of photography2

We had some epic clouds that afternoon, and I didn't realize until looking at the portraits later that this cloud formed a bit of a heart shape above the groom's head. Levi and Shelby have been married in real life for three years so it wasn't too hard for them to play newlyweds. This was the only frame that had the clouds in a heart!

winona school of photography3

Winona class of 2018. What a fun and silly group! I'm in the middle toward the right, next to Ms. Winona.

It was a fantastic week and I'm ready to get back to photographing doggies!