PPA in Washington, DC

dc lb.jpg

When I attended ImagingUSA in Nashville, Tennessee, this past January, put on annually by Professional Photographers of America, CEO David Trust announced that PPA would be selecting a handful of photographers to join the team in Washington, DC, this spring to meet with members of the House and Senate before H.R.3945, known as the C.A.S.E. act, was voted upon. This is a copyright bill that helps photographers prevent having their images stolen by large corporations, something I think everyone can get behind. After ImagingUSA, the PPA team notified me that I was chosen to go to DC!

While the spring trip didn't pan out - thanks to an unexpected snowstorm that shut down Congress - we got to go in July and lobby Congress. This was a fantastic opportunity and a responsibility that I did not take lightly. I put a lot of time and education into developing my skillsets and of course I don't want companies to steal my hard work.

We met with members of the House and Senate from Maryland, Ohio, and California. It was very exciting to see Congress in action. It is fast-paced and awe-inspiring to walk through those hallowed chambers. Here are a few photos - please excuse the cell phone shots. I didn't take my big camera and tripod since we didn't have a whole lot of time for sightseeing. Next time!