Pomeranian in Sunbury

Ricky Racoon is a senior Pomeranian who rules the roost! He is small but mighty. A tiny dog, he's actually large for a Pomeranian. He is a purebred and would have been eligible to do conformation (AKA Best-in-Show type competing) but he got too big! Conformation means judges look at breed standards to see if the dog exhibits what the breed is known for, and Pomeranians are teeny tiny. Ricky, I think you're perfect just the way you are!

dog photography columbus ohio

We started with Ricky on the ground, but even with me flat on the ground taking his picture he was blending in with the trees a little. His owner mentioned he'd sit on the picnic table so we tried that next. WOW! I love how Ricky looks so big here as I photographed him from below so his head would reach up into the beautiful sunset.

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