Outdoor dog portraits in Columbus, Ohio

Every Saturday night when I was growing up, watching The Golden Girls with my cousins and grandmother was a sacred tradition. The Golden Girls was absolutely revered in my family. My cousins and I would get excited when the showed played the full version of the opening credits, instead of the truncated version that sometimes got aired. I remember once being so confused when Blanche and Rose and Dorothy were sitting at the kitchen table starting to reminisce about days gone by and the show would play back that scene. And then it would happen again! My grandmother explained that this was a clip show that aired highlights of previous episodes so the writers could have a break. I was thoroughly disappointed because we were hoping for new antics each Saturday night.

What made me think of The Golden Girls? I was looking through some previous blog entries and started wistfully thinking back on warm summer days traipsing through Columbus parks and taking photographs in dogs' own backyards. I saw photos I hadn't seen in a long time and I became sentimental! I love each and every one of these pups and their families.

We had some amazing sessions and without further ado, here are some highlights of outdoor dog portraits I've taken in this area. I hope you enjoy revisiting some fun doggie photographs, too!

Want to have your own dog photographed in a Columbus park, favorite local landmark, or your own backyard? I would love to hear from you! Just click HERE to get the ball rolling.