Headshots with my dog

This installment of the Pet Photography 52 Week challenge is (drumroll please) ... Headshots! Colby is very uncooperative for the camera, so I had to take matters (and the dog) into my own hands.

dog headshot with owner

That's it for now! She's a handful, literally and figuratively. I am embarrassed to tell you how many frames I shot in order to get just this one. (It was in the triple digits, yikes!) Some of the outtakes are pretty funny but since those feature a great big tongue across my eyeball or her climbing up the side of my face to sit on my shoulders, those will stay in the Browning Photo vault for now.

Up next in the blog circle is Beyond the Fence in Boston, MA. Keep clicking through and you'll wind up back here. If you'd like your own headshot with your pet, contact me - I'm happy to hear from you!