Hallmark Channel Rescue Show

Tomorrow night will be a great evening to grab some popcorn and snuggle under a blanket with your furry loved ones because it's the first-ever rescue dog show on the Hallmark Channel! Click here to see the contenders. For many decades purebred dogs have competed for Best in Show titles, and now mutts are being celebrated with their own "competition."

I saw on the Hallmark Channel website that there are great categories, such as Best in Kissing and Best in Snoring. My favorite is Best in Wiggle Butt - ha! I can't wait to see if this event will catch on and will be as fun for viewers as the Puppy Bowl every January.

Be sure to tune in and let me know how you liked the show! Colby is intrigued by other dogs on television so this should be fun to see her reaction. Anything that features dogs, especially with a humorous take, is aces in my book.