Franklin County Sheriff's Office K9 therapy puppy

Look at the latest addition to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office - meet Woody K. Nine! Woody is a 10-week-old Australian labradoodle and couldn't be sweeter or more curious to explore everything in sight.

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He loves his pal Deputy Mattis K. Nine, who will serve as a great example for this little guy as he grows. Here are Mattis' portraits, a Browning Photo exclusive. Little Woody here will start training soon to earn his badge and will eventually raise his right paw to be sworn in as a therapy dog for the FCSO.


Here is Woody with his (human) deputy partner, who is clearly smitten with this little guy.


He is a silly wiggly little puppy and couldn't be cuter. Stay tuned for more Woody!

Woody is such a trooper (excuse the pun) because he worked hard on his portraits. We met in the evening during the golden hour, which is a beautiful time of day for portraits. This week in the 52 Week pet portrait challenge is Golden Hour, so be sure and check out more pet portraits from around the world. Up next is Nancy Kieffer Photography, serving Central New York, the Adirondacks and beyond.  Be sure to click through and you'll wind up back here.

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