Franklin County Deputy Woody K. Nine

I wrote previously about the newest recruit to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, Woody K. Nine. Woody's handler, Lt. D'Ericco, is clearly proud of his new partner. Could Woody be any cuter?

dog portraits columbus ohio

Woody starts training soon and will work hard for the next year to learn to be a therapy dog. Because he is a doodle puppy (an Australian goldendoodle) he doesn't shed, which is helpful so even people will allergies can be around him.


Woody was a perfect gentleman and so happy to get his portraits made. The Ohio barn looks so all-American for this little guy. In this shot it's impossible to tell that his handler was standing right next to him holding his leash.


One other shot of these two, in a classic black and white.


This was an outtake - look at this little guy taking a BIG BIG yawn. So sleepy! Nothing's better than a warm sleepy puppy.

Thanks for reading and I wish these partners all the best in their years of service ahead of this. Woody will be out in the community doing good work and we thank him and can't wait to see him helping our friends and neighbors!

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